Journey to a Social Red Carpet

By: Lynn Ponder

Are you living your dream? I am, through an idea inspired by a need to learn all about Social Media motivated by wanting to reinvent myself. Little did I know that it would become a case study included in a book to be used as required reading for a university social media degree as well as a business model where I could evolve and monetize it!

After spending years behind the camera as a top executive producer in the international advertising scene, my initial thoughts for webcitygirls// was putting my sister in front of the camera. So webcitygirls//started out as a social media web based video series with 3Girls + 3Stories + 3Careers + 3Dreams + our Friends.  As we started to shoot the demo, to my surprise I discovered that I also loved to be in front of the camera… LOL!

webcitygirls// was introduced to the Miami community in a Social Networking Event on November of 2010 as a hip and active social brand that connects people with products, services, charities, celebrities, new media through social networking in our online and offline social community.

One of our goals was to become the first multi-cultural social press team who would cover events from a social media point of view.  That dream came true when I was invited by Telemundo Communications Group to their Social @Telemundo  “Digital Influencers Event” This event gave us a chance to be on the Latin Billboards Red Carpet.  At that moment, I knew that we would be covering all mayor events in the U.S. establishing a new category on the red carpet as a social media press team.  In this journey to be recognized as a social press team, we appeared on the red carpet of Premios Juventud in Pink Style and made a memorable and fun impression among artists, press and fans.

Putting my knowledge and personal experience into practice, I developed a social media campaign titled #TwitterHellos from the Latin Billboards and Premios Juventud red carpet, which gave celebrities a chance to greet fans and give out their Twitter handlers.

Ultimately, webcitygirls// believes that the impact of social media is about spreading goodness, educating, empowering and inspiring!

I want to end this post by thanking Telemundo Communications Group and a special shout out to Borja Perez and Karen Comas  for making our dreams come true and believing in our  social media brand.  We are grateful to have participated in Telemundo @ Social  “Digital Influencers Event” and among our wonderful experience feel lucky to have been part of a talk with the former charismatic President of Telemundo Communications Group, Dan Browne. He couldn’t have said it better – “Don’t fear change, embrace it as change is the opportunity.”