Whatever You Do, Do It With Love

By Lynn Ponder  I was invited to cover a one-day conference for LatinaStyle Magazine Business Series Finale in Orlando. I thought this would be a great way to introduce webcitygirls and meet some wonderful new entrepreneurial women. The drive was smooth and I was lucky to have a gringa cousin, Joan, who lives in a beautiful home in Orlando and welcomed me with lots of love.

Hilton in Walt Disney World Resort was the location for a full day of Macy’s pampering sessions, fashion show and most importantly some great talks starting with a punch of fun energy by Mrs. Ivette Mayo, a Boricua and a very funny one.  Her talk is so powerful that she teaches you on the spot, the right ways to network and how to make a memorable impression.  Ivette has a unique style and a fun warm approach that you leave her session happily energized.

As the day went along with great women speakers and moderators, it is time for the Latina Entrepreneur Award Luncheon and the keynote speaker was this amazing woman that captured my heart and my brain.  Her name is Yamilet J. Torres, Senior Director, Customer Service Management at Oracle.  An IT professional and a LATINA Helloooo, that was huge for me, as I have always wanted to become friends with an IT Latina. Plus it is a fact that we need more women leaders in the IT world.

Yamilet is from Venezuela and she has had her struggles in the US like all of us, to position herself and get the recognition she deserves.  Her story is that she made her dreams come true and has evolved into a very successful IT professional at Oracle. Oracle is an enterprise IT company with a specialty in database management systems.  Imagine that, a company totally taken by men but Yamilet was determined to follow her dream to become an IT Leader.

Reports out there say that many women don’t feel entitled and I believe that we need to ask more often for what we want, deserve and need. We give and give but forget to ask.

Back to Yamilet, and her lovely speech talking about her story and where she is now, as she shares a list of principles that got her there. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

 1-Whatever you do, do it well. During the Alma Awards this year Antonio Banderas receiving his award said: Whatever you do, do it with Love.

2-Know yourself- know what you like and what you do not like.

3-Know exactly what you want.

4-Be a student of the game: Learn what the rules are and who are the players. Know how your role works within the big picture.

5-Aspire to Inspire. Have passion for what you do.

6-Be a mentor as well as a mentee.

7- Work yourself out of a job – and into a career.

8-Get up after every fall. Perseverance. Determination.

9-Lead within your circle – in your community.

10-Turn your liabilities into assets.

Yamilet ends her speech: Never forget where you come from.  I am a Latina and Proud of it!