The Power of Connectivity on Twitter

By Lynn Ponder:   I started my journey on Twitter in 2009 and I remember how intimidated I felt about sharing thoughts with total strangers. How would I be judged, What would I tweet about, Who would follow me, Who should I follow? All questions were answered one day at a time, while falling in-love with everything about Twitter!

Twitter is about learning, educating and inspiring, plus for me, a channel to  share my passion on positive life views, spread kindness and genuinely engage with likeminded people. The magic of  Twitter is evident just in the fact that by reading each others 140 character tweets, we are capable of developing friendships and business relationships in the same way we do in the real world, but this experience is completely virtual, and a mind blowing experience for me.  Let me share some of my Twitter connectivity magical moments:

Meet @JeffPulver a remarkable caring person with a brilliant mind and founder of the incomparable 140 Conference .  I followed him, not sure if he followed me, but to be honest it never crossed my mind that he would discover the tweets I had sent out with no expectations whatsoever. I used hashtag #wishwish and #140Conf stating from the heart, that I wanted to attend the June 2011 conference in NYC. Cut to a Sunday morning on Twitter, I receive a DM (direct private message) from Jeff asking me if I wanted to attend!!! First thoughts that came out of my brain:  is this really happening, the founder of this conf. who has 420,000 followers read my tweet WOW..tears followed. Within the hour we had a conversation via DM and email with instructions, airline ticket and conference pass to the 2 day NYC event WEPA!  This was an experience of a lifetime, actually helping me further my growth and knowledge of social media.  I met extraordinary people who share kindness and inspire me everyday on Twitter.

The goodness on Twitter also comes in the shape of daily  tweets full of kindness. I am blessed to receive this goodness in English and Spanish.  Some touching ones come from: @ml406 @Flor_de_Canela1 @rskemps @gigibelmonico @StephenWelton @libbyjulia

@wordwhacker  @MelanieVenuto  @Akasha_Kemet @NatalyDY_ @TuChicaCoqui @juengova,

@JamieCrager@DysJrzGirl@lenissa1331 and honestly my list could go on and on. Thank

you/GRACIAS a todos for the love :)

My latest Twitter wish was to engage with Randi Zuckerberg, an icon of mine in Social Media, and the sister of Mark Zuckerberg. Randi is a force in the social space and I dream of collaborating with her company.  Transition to my Randi magical moment:  An October morning, I am on Twitter and RT (share a tweet with others) Erica Diamond  @WomenOnTheFence an award winning entrepreneur and businesswoman who had said wonderful things about Randi and I liked it a lot, so I RT  it with a nice little comment. To my complete surprise and joy, Randi somehow picked it up and responded:

@randizuckerberg @Ponderful thanks, Lynn! Your company @webcitygirls looks pretty cool – would love to learn more. Have a great day!

Is this amazing or what???

My Twitter connectivity stories end today with the most extraordinary surprise tweet I received from three remarkable social media advocates for a better world, who are making a positive impact in the life of many of us. It is my pleasure to introduce amazing Twitter Friends @2morrowknight  @ergeekgoddess @AnnTran_ who are Twitter Powerhouses with incredible initiatives who also write for one of my favorite online publications The Huffington Post. They got together and started a new series for The Huff Post Social titled TwitterPowerhouses which focuses on the contributions of people who’ve helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking. They called the post Passionistas and selected 42 women that represent the diversity of voices in our world who have found a channel for their ideas and use them to better not just their own life, but the lives of those around them. The tweet surprise was that they had include me @Ponderful in the list. A remarkable magical moment for me and I am blessed, grateful and very proud to be a Passionistas.

Hope I’ve helped you understand a little better about the power of connectivity on Twitter through my experiences and reasons why I love Twitter.


Author: Lynn Ponder

Founder webcitygirls//, Social Media Strategist, Social Content Producer, LATISM16 "Best Latina Network Leader", Tecla Awards 15 Three-Time Winner as Best Latina on Twitter, Best Entertainment Blogger, Most Creative, LATISM 13 Best Latina Micro-Blogger, TOP Digital Influencers LATISM 2016/2015/2014/2013/2012, TwitterPowerhouse Passionista by Huffington Post. Creator #UnstoppableLATINAS + MOVEMENT #BeNumberless #SerSinNumero