Does Society Have Low Esteem?

By: Joana Costa Marques:  The act of bullying has always been around. There are many different types of bullying such as physical bullying, cyber bullying, verbal bullying, and indirect bullying. They all consist of a person causing pain to another person. There are many different theories as to why people bully each other. Some say it is because the bully has low self-esteem and needs to make others feel worse, other people say that it’s because they like to have friends and feel like people will like them if they put down others. It doesn’t matter what the reasons behind bullying are, what matters is that it needs to come to an end.

Most people have been bullied in one way or another over how they look or act.  Very few people have the courage to tell someone about what is happening to them. Children are scared that if they tell someone about the bully, that the bullying will only get worse. Parents need to become aware of the increase in bullying that has been occurring and talk to the their children about it. They need to assure their children that if something is happening to them, they need to speak up and ask for help. Parents need to pay attention to the fluctuation in their child’s behaviors at home, health wise, and in their schoolwork. They also need to inform their children that everyone in the world is an equal no matter what their race, religion, or ethnicity. Everyone deserves the same amount of respect and should be treated equally.

When people are constantly bullied, they sometimes turn into bullies themselves or they go over the edge and commit suicide or hurt themselves. If a person sees someone else being bullied, they should stand up for the victim by telling an adult. Kids should never resort to violence when it comes to bullying. It won’t fix anything. We say STOP THE HATE! Don’t be a bully!

I am an honor student at Boston University and with my best friend Anna Finbury, decided to create an organization called “Always Remember Love > Hate” in order to end bullying and promote self-worth. We decided to start the organization because unfortunately we both experienced bullying in our childhood and  to create a support system for people who are experiencing it now or have already gone through it.

We are reaching out to the wonderful webcitygirls// social community to join us to help promote self-worth and respond to our posts.  We believe that together we become stronger and can take steps to make our world a better place. Thank you!

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