First hispanic achievers Florida license plate

By Lynn Ponder: I want to take a moment of your reading time to introduce you to a great organization ,The National Hispanic Corporate Achievers a non-profit organization that serves as the time and place for major corporations to gather and recognize the accomplishments of their top employees of Hispanic descent. It is the most prestigious event program of its kind in the nation. The National Hispanic Corporate Achievers constructed bridges, where there were none—before, to create a consciousness of equality for Hispanics within the corporate structure.

The NHCA joins forces throughout the year with educational institutions to create programs of empowerment, summits, diversity career fairs and forums that helps develop and prepare our latino community to lead and flourish in the global economy. The also provide advanced knowledge for business school students in specific areas to enhance their progress in corporate America.

By recognizing the achievements of Hispanics from all levels of the business world, it illustrates to our society that Hispanics are important to the growth of our nation and the companies for which they work.

One of their latest endeavors as an organization has been to launch the first Hispanic license plate in the Nation. The “Hispanic Achievers” Florida License plate is a way for Florida to recognize the great achievements of American Hispanics; and provide funding to Non-profits focused on helping their communities. Purpose of NHCA license plate is to unite American Hispanic segment of our population; help communities prosper, work together for the good of all.

How to get your Plate
The Hispanic Achievers Specialty License Plate is available for Sale at all Florida Motor Vehicle License Plate Offices and Online!

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The purpose of specialty license plates is to raise funds for a particular cause. Each of the specialty license plates require an annual use fee for the use of the special design license plate. The use of a specialty license plate is a voluntary purchase.

When you renew your Registration, simply let the DMV know that you wish to replace your current license plate with the Hispanic Achievers Specialty License Plate. If it is not time in your license plate’s cycle to replace the metal license plate, you will pay a few additional dollars to switch to a specialty license plate. The Hispanic Achievers Specialty License Plate costs $25 (annually) above the standard Florida license plate. These additional funds go to develop other revenue streams/contributions for Community programs (that focus on American Hispanics and other minorities); transparantly provide grants to qualified Non-Profits and for scholarships.

If you would like to purchase your Hispanic Achievers Plate at a local Tax Collector Office or licensed private tag agency, go to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ website listing of Florida tag office locations, sorted by County. Click Here

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