Daddy Yankee Makes it to #1 Billboard Latin Song with LOVUMBA!

By Lynn Ponder: I would like to share another Puerto Rican success story in the music industry, a Latin Grammy Award winning recording artist known as the Big Boss, Daddy Yankee, beloved by his admirers who support him and work together on Twitter as a united army of fans throughout different cities in the US, Latin America and the Caribbean promoting his music.

Lovumba which means Love and Rumba, is his way of expressing love through music, in a way giving back the love that his fans share with him on a daily basis. The Power of Social Networks connects all of his admirers, which as a matter of fact have all become friends and together they promote his every move throughout their own networks, which helps his marketing efforts in a very organic way. Daddy Yankee has always been very caring, friendly and approachable, so his gracious nature is felt through his tweets making his fans feel even closer to him and in my opinion adoring him!!!

It’s no surprise that Lovumba has been on the top charts of Billboard for the last 16 weeks with #1 position in the Latin Urban Chart and #1 Pop Chart and #2 in the Tropical Chart.

Lovumba in just these few weeks has reached an astounding 6 million views on YouTube #AyBendito neneeee!

The single Lovumba is the author of Daddy Yankee, produced by his Grammy nominated team, “Los De La Nazza” (Musicologo y Menes). The single is part of his eighth record production titled Prestige coming out soon.

Expect to see a mega production opening of Daddy Yankee during the upcoming Premio Lo Nuestro celebrating the best of the Latino Music Industry on Univision on February 16 starting at 8pm.

Premio Lo Nuestro will have a tribute to “Don Francisco” for his distinguished artistic trajectory and will have presenters like Enrique Iglesias, Dulce Maria, Joey Montana, Blanca Soto, Beatriz Luengo, Aaron Diaz, Chiquinquirá Delgado, Christopher Von Uckermann, Danna García, Dulce María to name a few.

We are thrilled to be covering the red carpet of Premio lo Nuestro an amazing event to celebrate the best of the best of the Latino music industry. Grateful that Univision recognized us, as we are the first multicultural social press team covering events from a social media point of view. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter so we can interact with you during our fun social coverage ☺

Mi Gente see you at 7pm – February 16 on the red carpet of Univision Premio Lo Nuestro WEPA! Y Daddy Yankee queremos filmar nuestros #TwitterHellos contigo para compartir con tus fans mi corazon!