Have you danced to the music of Gilberto Santa Rosa?

By Lynn Ponder: Gilberto Santa Rosa also known as “El Caballero de la Salsa” who was born in Puerto Rico and has been certified in the US and Puerto Rico with 13 Gold Albums, 13 Platinum albums and multi platinum albums. As of 2010, he holds the record for the most number-one albums on the Billboard Tropical Albums chart.

If you are in the mood to dance salsa his music is the perfect choice and if you have never been to one of his concerts, we highly recommend that you do so. I had the privilege to meet him backstage at a concert in Madrid and found him to be genuinely a really nice and friendly person. I danced the entire show LOL..behind the scenes of course!

He has recorded with so many recognized musicians of this genre from Willie Colon to El Gran Combo and developed a unique style of “soneo” (improvisation) in salsa that permitted him to be highly successful in both tropical and romantic styles of the Spanish music.

Gilbertito as we call him in Puerto Rico, was also the first singer of tropical salsa to carry out a concert at the Carnegie Hall Theater in New York which reminds me of Jay Z who just had the honor to be the first hip-hop rapper to perform at the Carnegie.

Reading over his bio I just found out that he has played an important role in the career of his friend and protégé, Victor Manuelle, a former ex of Rosalyn Sanchez and another one of our favorite tropical singers WEPA!

Gilbertito just performed at the Conga Room in Los Angeles and celebrity guests friends like Amaury Nolasco, Jimmy Smits and Marco Antonio Solis where there to rock to his “soneo”. Gilbertito always travels with his amazing musicians that make his concerts a memorable and such a fun experience.

His next appearance takes place “en la Isla del Encanto” Puerto Rico on February 10, 11 and 12 in “El Centro de Bellas Artes”. Tickets for sales at www.ticketpop.com and www.tcpr.com.

We would love to be in Puerto Rico to attend his concert ☺