Mom, Daughter turning point during NYFW 2012

By Maria Caso: You can learn a lot from Fashion Week — if you have a 14-year old daughter.

I had these coveted tickets to some fashion shows in New York City, a super cool event to share with my daughter. So the response: sure, if she’s not busy. Not busy? That’s how it began. So the first show comes along, and I race home after a long day coaching to get ready. Dress, hair and makeup. Voila. If I don’t say to myself, I look pretty hot. My daughter’s response? “No way mom, you don’t look cool.” She proceeds to tell me exactly what I need to change. I used to be amazing and fabulous in her eyes. Now I’m a just mom severely handicapped in the fashion department. My response to her response? “Whatever you say, Havana.” Erickson Beamon show went off smashingly.

Friday was the Barbie show. I decided to follow her lead and “dress chic.” Her response? Another 14-year old thumbs down. Once again, I listened and once again I allowed her to style me and supervise makeup. Off we went, and the show was amazing! A fun event for both of us.

Sunday was the Imitation of Christ show. Her response to my hair and makeup? Acceptable! (With the exception of some fluffing to the hair.) Amazing!

Fashion Week made me re-frame my relationship with my daughter. From an automatic response based on the past: “Who the hell are you to tell me how to dress, young lady??? I re-framed it to: “I have a personal stylist at hand to help a single coaching mom that does not have time to keep up with the fashion trends.” This re-framing of reality made me feel great. A wise teacher once said life is about getting off it. Getting off what? Getting off whatever you’re on, or stuck in. Knowing when to listen and accept that others could be right, even if the other happens to be a 14 -year old kid with a gifted fashion sense.

Not to mention, I’m getting rave compliments for my looks. But what else? I have a “personal stylist!”

Maria Caso / Life coach/ Single mom in Manhattan