42 Hours at SXSW Part 1

By Lynn Ponder: I arrived in Austin on Saturday around 6pm jumped into a Taxi and within 15 minutes was at the hotel. I was rooming up with @lindseycholmes who I met on Twitter and we have become good friends. Lindsey is a bombshell entrepreneurial, Social Media Strategist, a girlie geek, the @Evernote Queen and a wonderful person that through the power of connectivity of Twitter, we will be friends forever.

Cut to the Four Seasons Lobby Bar where I met with a group of Financial and Technology Rockstar Women from NYC that were getting ready for a session at SXSW the following day. I asked about how they got their session confirmed and they said that it was important to be unique and quirky to get approved for a panel at SXSW. One of the panelist, @joycemsullivan I was lucky to meet during my trip to the 140 Conf last year and throughout the year and during another trip to NYC, we had lunch and have become friends always connected through Twitter.

As the night progressed I took off to the @Copyblogger party where my mission was to meet and chat with Brian Clark, CEO/Founder of Copyblogger Media an innovative company that provides advice and solutions that empower people to successfully grow their businesses through social media and online marketing. Brian is one of the most influential online marketers and is a master at blogging and sharing his knowledge with the community. The party was at the Rattle Inn a two level building with tons and tons of people I did not know, but since I am very sociable. started talking to a group of people when “voila”, I see Brian and of course went right up to him, introduced myself and I think I made a memorable impression! Now he knows about my existence and as a matter of fact the next morning I ran into him at the registration line and I asked him if he would be willing to allow me to interview him and he was totally up for it. Although it did not happen, I am thankful to have had my moment with Brian ☺

Next morning by 6am I was up doing all my social media duties as a correspondent for @Hispanicize and for Ford en Español making sure I had tweets scheduled engaging with the Latino Team selected for @Ford New Reality Series titled “Escape Routes” to be aired on NBC and @Mun2 starting March 31, 2012. It is really easy for me to come up with fun and engaging tweets because the couple chosen is from the island in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic. They picked a particular team name “Platano Express” and the story behind this name is that in their country they grow up eating lots of plantain/platano so it is part of their culture and the reality is that in Spanish it sounds super funny. Shanon Montero ‘aka’ @LaLocaDr is totally over the top and I have a feeling that this will be one popular team and the Latino community will certainly be cheering for them.

Some highlights of my 42Hrs at SXSW:

•I appeared twice on the @Kred (similar to @Klout) leaderboard as a Top Influencer Outreacher about SXSW. Huge WEPA! [@cwindley : @Ponderful You are one of the top Outreachers about #SXSW on the @Kred Leaderboard]

•I was mentioned in a tweet by @garyvee who has “nada mas y nada menos” que 921,358 Followers on Twitter..AyMama! This happens thanks to another amazing Twitter Friend @TonyaHallRadio who I met at 140 Conf. last year. Tonya started a SXSW social media #BDayWish campaign trying to get @garyvee to confirm being a guest on her Colorado Springs Social Media radio show and I started tweeting away about it to help her. I honestly hope he finally confirms!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 ..hasta tomorrow Mi Gente ☺