42 Hours at SXSW Part 2

By Lynn Ponder: Out the door by 8:30am to find that it was a rainy and very cold morning, but I had a warm coat, my umbrella and nothing was going to ruin my excitement to be at SXSW. First thing to do at the Austin Convention Center was register and get my badge so I could attend the 1st session that started at 9:30am with @JRVilla, President of Sensis Agency who would provide insights into the new behavior of Latinos online. I also introduced myself to Jose Villa and he told me that he followed me on Twitter..nice! I tweeted his entire session with relevant quotes as part of my duties as a social media correspondent.

SXSW takes place all over downtown Austin, so you need to have a plan before you get there, if not you can miss out on lots of interesting sessions. Next session was at the Hyatt Regency a meet-up with the founder and director of @Women2 a platform that inspires and educates which just partnered with Spain @Ellas2, an interesting combination that I would like to collaborate at some point. Great networking took place and among the ladies I met was Jen Brown digital site director for the Today Show and another young lady that created a new online dating site with a twist: @WotWentWrong is about finding out what happened with your Ex Boyfriend LOL!

Back to the Convention Center where I went into the @IBM Social Lounge and chatted with some IBM people, moving along the convention stopped by the Idea Wall with guest influencer @crookedKeith from @MakerBot and met many new contacts from Spain and the US. Next on the agenda was to walk to the Hilton and go into an interesting session about Women Entrepreneurial, where I was to meet up with Twitter Friends Margaret Molloy, CMO @Velocidi and Ivo Lukas, CEO @24Notion.

One of my of dreams during my time at SXSW was to get an interview with Jeff Pulver, a globally renowned thought leader, author, entrepreneur, a leader in the emerging TV on the Net Industry and founder of the amazing 140 Conference. I contacted Jeff via email previous to my trip and he said that he might have some time so I insisted and insisted until “voila” mission was accomplished and I will be posting all interviews so it is a one stop visit to share with our friends on our Facebook SXSW Tab.

Other interviews I am excited to share: Ted Rubin Social CMO Collective Bias, Olga Romero Hispanic Spokesperson for Southwest Airlines, Cristi McNeil Social Media @southwestair, Mando Rayo from @RevolucionSXSWi, Vanessa Keitges CEO Columbia Green Technologies, Nili Goldberg BrandsForce.com and Carlos Garcia CEO @Nobox.

Wrapped up my day with a last session at the super packed ballroom of the Convention Center with @Google about their digital marketing strategies creating ads that ignite the conversation.

That evening, I was late getting to the @Mashable party because of my posting duties as a social media correspondent, so when I finally got there the lines where 3 blocks long, so I decided to go to dinner and call it a night, as my next day would include a new journey to Portland, Oregon invited by The @Ford Motor Company and I needed some rest ☺

More Highlights of my 42 Hours in Austin:

•I was quoted by @Krochmal Founder Social Media News NY on @Storify, “Sunday, Day 3 SXSW Panel Recap” which he included on his Facebook wall and Twitter.

•I appeared twice on the @Kred (similar to @Klout) leaderboard as a Top Influencer Outreacher about SXSW. Huge WEPA! [@cwindley : @Ponderful You are one of the top Outreachers about #SXSW on the @Kred Leaderboard]

•I attended the SXSW @Hispanicize Latino Social Media breakfast sponsored by Southwest Airlines, where CEO Manny Diaz announced some breaking news about Hispz12 Conference in Miami. This event was attended by amazing Latinos who are creating a better world through their social platforms.

I am thankful for this amazing experience and full of positive energy to continue making my dream come true with webcitygirls//!

•Picture of this article includes: Lynn Ponder, Ivo Lukas, Margaret Molloy and Vanessa Keitges