Baty’s Milkshakes with a Twist!

By Lynn Ponder: We were invited to participate in a promotional brand awareness campaign for Baty’s Milkshakes located in the Dolphin and International Mall. Honestly we had a blast creating our own webcitygirls// Baty’s Batida!!!

The Baty’s concept comes from a little town outside Caracas, Venezuela offering a unique creation of flavors and alternatives on each visit. It starts with Baty’s own signature Ice Cream that can be blended with any combination from over 100 quality choices as ingredients for a milkshake. Fruits, goodies and yougurt add a fun touch to creating your own flavor.

Baty’s Milkshakes was launched in 2007 in Venezuela and up to date store locations include: Miami, Venezuela, Panama and Costa Rica. A growing and thriving successful Latino franchise operation in deed.

What we haven’t told you, is that when we arrived at Baty’s Dolphin store, we met with Puerto Rican sensation Juancho an acclaimed singer and songwriter who would be creating his special “Menealo” milkshake honoring his new “Merengue Urbano” HOT single release. Meanealo which means MOVE IT, is a song that will make you want to move your body and start dancing. Juancho’s hot release “Menealo” is rapidly going up the charts and getting a considerable amount of radio play.

Two types of milkshakes are offered in all stores, the ones made with goodies and those made with fruits (smoothies). Baty’s has over 100 options that include typical and exotic foreign products for you to personalize your “batida”. Young and friendly attendants turn Baty’s delicious premium quality milkshake into the perfect option for families and friends to have fun.

We invite you to stop by and ask for webcitygirls// Baty’s Milkshake or Juancho’s “Menealo” personalized flavored shake! Y a bailar merengue urbano con Menealo un Poquito!!!!