Meet ‘El Rey’ A New Network by Robert Rodriguez

By Lynn Ponder: Today I want to chat about the Son of Mexican-American parents, Film Director Robert Rodriguez, who has been extremely successful in Hollywood though his passion of filmmaking, Robert although born in San Antonio, Texas has the Latino passion and cultural influence running through his veins and it appears on each frame of his acclaimed directorial movies like El Mariachi, Desperado with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek, Spy Kids and Sin City.

Roberto’s evolution in Hollywood included the good fortune to experience and collaborate with American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and actor Quentin Tarantino on the vampire thriller, From Dusk Till Dawn co-producing two sequels. Roberto operates a production company called Troublemaker Studios and how amaZing it would be to visit one of his sets and interview him personally WEPA!

In the digital space Rodriguez announced at Comic-Con 2011 that he had purchased the film rights to Heavy Metal (also a popular video game) and was planning to develop a new animated film at the New Quick Draw Studios.

His list of accomplishments in film go on and on and are very impressive, but among the many interesting projects Roberto has ventured into is the launch of his own New Independent TV network called “El Rey”, it seems like Latino men in entertainment love this word LOL!

The concept of “El Rey” TV network is to give second and third generation Latinos a space to identify with, while appealing to a mass audience as well. It will be a place for new voices and stories to be told but with entertainment foremost in mind. Robert also says in his interview via YouTube that programming is male oriented but something that women will enjoy as well….guess we will have to wait and see how much we enjoy it ☺

His Hopes for this new network is to serve not just through traditional television but
leveraging digital and social media, giving the behavior and preference of younger American Latinos who over-index in social media and use this as a launch pad for them to create an identity with the network and find the kind of entertainment the are looking for whatever way they want to find it, says Roberto Rodriguez.

What makes Robert excited about partnering with Comcast:
Our goal is for “El Rey” to be the gold standard for what Hispanic TV can’t be like and Comcast is the gold standard for cable TV with over 20 million subcribers and one day we would like to reach all of them via “El Rey”. The content and the reach are very important because we want it to be carried everywhere!

This is the right time to create something new that has cultural significance and can reach the US Latino audience that continues to grow at astonishing rate It is a large segment of the US population and it will shape the culture and future of this country, says Robert Rodriguez.

We know the audience is hungry for this and it is time to give them what they want…

Muchos exitos Robert Rodriguez, we love what you are doing and can’t wait to experience “El Rey”!!! Abrazotes desde Miami xo!