Romeo Santos aka ‘The King’ Miami Concert!

By Lynn Ponder: I have to admit that I have not attended a concert in the US for a longtime and it was a pleasant surprise as well as a flashback to how much fun energy a music concert brings to your life. Last night at the Miami Arena, The King of Bachata, Romeo Santos, who performs a genre which was born in the brothels and back alleys of Santo Domingo, and is a fusion of emotional romantic music that is danced to the style of merengue, ROCKED Miami. It was a huge celebration of the release of his debut solo album, “Formula Vol.1” (Sony Latin).

The screaming of his fans only made this celebration even more enlivening. The AA Arena was full to capacity with happy fans dancing to every song that The King performed. The stage set-up seemed simple but once illuminated became dramatically interesting with different images of Romeo, enhancing the experience of each performance.

Romeo is a charmer on stage and knows how to engage with his audience. He surprised his fans constantly, continually connecting with powerful quotes that he would say in English and in Spanish like:

“I am up here but I can see all of you”

“Yo sabia que esta noche iva ser especial…I feel so GOOD in Miami! Lets keep it going!!

My concert in Madison Garden was a full house and loud but Miami crowd is hotter and louder” (The arena went insanely loud after this comment by Romeo)

“Este publico vino bien preparado y super sexy” “Ustedes me hacen sentir como un REY con sus aplausos y cariño”

Other highlights of engagement with his audience included a Contest where Romeo picked 4 Men from the audience to come up on stage and perform a short part of one of his songs. The audience would be responsible for picking the best singer and Romeo promised a $1000 prize. This created screaming madness and added an element of reality and more fun to this already great concert.

And to take it over the top, Romeo starts talking about all the emails he receives from his fans with special requests and that one of them had captured his attention. Cut to a couple on stage with a live marriage proposal. You can imagine how crazy the arena was at this point WEPA!

Another insight of attending this concert was to see that hundreds of young people walking through the arena had their smartphone in hand. Our phones have become indispensable and AT&T knows this and as a proud sponsor for Romeo Santos, they had different check points with girls giving out a card with information about !Textea y Gana! (Usa tu celular para textear) during the concert. Wonder how many hits they got last night LOL!

Also liked the fact to find out that Romeo Santos is a sponsor of Vote Latino a dynamic and growing non-partisan organization whose civic engagement campaigns have reached an estimated 55 million Latino households nationwide. Romeo concert was the perfect venue to expose the movement Vote Latino to engage young Latinos to register to vote!!!

In all a FUNtastic night with Linda my sister, also ran into some great friends and we are thankful to our Puerto Rican connection Roberto Somoza from World-Clique for the invite to experience bachata music with an amazing engaging STAR performer:

The King Stays King = Romeo Santos