Starting My Journey SXSW 2012

By Lynn Ponder: In a previous post I mentioned how grateful to have been nominated for an award by The Social Revolucion about Latinos in Social Media using their platforms to become influencers and create change making opportunities in the online Latino community. Although I did not expect to win, I am so excited to be attending this conference where I will learn new trends about everything/anything social and interactive. The fact that I was nominated for an award at all makes me feel like a winner and very thankful to attend SXSW, where I will further my knowledge in social media.

Today, I am on the plane on my way to Austin to start this journey at SXSW. I will definitely be multimedia (iPhone, iPad, Nikon Camera, Samsung Video Camera, Tripode, Mic, LOL!). Checking-in via Foursquare at every stop so my virtual friends can track me as well as the new friends I will meet here, attending parties of the companies/people I follow online like Mashable (dying to meet Pete Cashmore & I want a pic), Copyblogger, SapientNitro, where I will meet likeminded people and have incredible learning conversations. I will get to some very interesting sessions where I will tweet quotes in real-time, as well as shoot some video interviews with influencers that will share their purpose at SXSW, opinions and recommendations. Because I love to be social, I will be taking fun pictures of the people I meet/interact with and will post on our newly created tab on webcitygirls Facebook page. I am also a correspondent for two other social media channels and will create content for them as well. Super-MEGA busy ☺

During networking, I will keep in mind the great advice I got from Margaret Molloy CMO of @Velocidi about networking at events. When I get back will definitely pay attention to Ted Rubin’s advice of the importance of follow up and “Be the one who stands out and be a big step in front of the rest”. These tips by the masters are important to pay attention to because without a doubt they will lead to future possible collaborations.

By the time I post these comments, I will have arrived in Austin, will have jumped into a taxi, dropped off my luggage and run into the excitement and amazing energy that goes on 24/7 in Austin during #SXSW. Did I mention it’s my first time and that I made the @Kred #SXSW Day 1 Top Outreachers list.. even before I got here ☺

One more thing is that I want to thank a dear friend and one of my favorite people on Twitter @JamieCrager an experienced Digital Social Media Strategist, Speaker, who believes in my platform and makes me stronger with his support. Jamie is an amazing friend who I met on Twitter in 2009 and has offered to create webcitygirls SXSW Facebook Tab through his fabulous company CROWDSHIFTER…so excited and grateful ☺

Stay tuned for updates WEPA!