Subele al Suave and start dancing to the touch of softness!

By Lynn Ponder: Brands are looking for strategies that connect with their audience in this new way of life called social media. The reality is that the online world has changed the way we get our recommendations, the way we shop and the way we view brands. We have become intolerant because with one click we move on to the next thing that grabs our attention and not necessarily we are looking to engage with a brand, so this means that brands have to be truthful but also very creative captivating us for a moment, which can easily turn into a Like, Follow or maybe even a purchase☺

Let’s imagine an Agency/Client scenario process to create a brief for a brand called Downy:

Client: We have studies that reveal that soft clothes make consumers experience positive feelings. 80% of consumers feel happy when they touch the softness of their clothes.

Agency: That is a very large segment of the market. We need to create an engaging idea that allows people to become social with our brand specially when it is a fact that soft clothes makes people happy.

Cut to the following week and conference call with Client:

Agency: Our Creative Team has come up with a series of online and on-site fun activities in places where people wash clothes. We will launch a series of funny videos where consumers will be surprised when they open a laundry machine and it starts playing a great dancing catchy song, which leads people to start to “mover el cuerpo”.

Latinos love music and love to dance, so Downy’s advertising agency was clever to capitalize on this insight and transform a boring activity of washing clothes into this interactive fun experience which makes Downy become a social brand and gives it a memorable branding personality.

Do you know that Downy’s Facebook page has 1,115,400 Friends WOW, and 12,853 talking about this..awesome I would say. I did not find them on Twitter which seems like they might of made a conscious decision to focus all efforts on engaging on Facebook and it seems to be working!

The campaign is titled “Subele al Suave” con Downy and following let me please share a series of real -life funny video situations. This campaign will continue to evolve with more celebrations including dancing contests and events where the consumer can participate.

Subiéndole al suave con Downy – Video #1

Subiéndole al suave con Downy – Video #2

Subiéndole al suave con Downy – Video #3

Subiéndole al suave con Downy – Video #4

You can follow Downy at Subele al Suave Facebook page for all updates of contests to come. Also share which is your favorite Subele al Downy fun video.

I have not been compensated to write this blog post. All opinions are mine.