Travel Like A Pro

By Leila Chang Ripich:  Remember the days of glamorous travel? I used to work for a subsidiary of Eastern Airlines (OK I’m kind of giving away my age because the airline is not even around anymore) and we had free travel perks. One of the rules was you had to dress professionally in order to board the airplane. Those days are over but you can still travel in style. Here are a few tips, tricks and resources to have you traveling like a pro whether you are the occasional flyer or a weekly traveler.

The first order of business is packing. I personally think I’m pretty good at it, but that’s because I don’t leave anything to chance.  I have a packing checklist with categories for all my essentials like – undergarments, sleepwear, chargers, perfume, you get the idea. That way even if you are packing quickly there’s less of a chance for you to forget something. One of my favorite resources is They have a great packing checklist that you can tailor to fit your needs and a video on how to pack a suitcase to maximize space and ensure that clothes arrive wrinkle free.

Another one of my favorite resources is Not only do they have every item you can think of to make even the most frazzled traveler an organized one, they even give in-store demos on how to pack like a pro.

Do you hate hauling your luggage to the airport and then having to fight the hordes at the carousel? Send it ahead! Companies like offer door-to-door luggage service at prices ranging from $2.00 – $5.50 per pound. Now that’s a luxury.

Here’s another luxury for the discerning traveler – offers items like cashmere throws, pillows and eye masks. Now that’s traveling in style. They also offer fleece and less expensive alternatives because let’s face it, who wants to use the airline provided blankets and pillows – YUCK!

Finally here’s one of my personal travel tips. I always email myself a copy of my driver’s license and passport before I leave for a trip. That way if they get lost or stolen (God forbid) I can always print them out. I also leave it with a trusted family member who can email it to me in case my iPhone and iPad are unavailable.

My best advice is give yourself enough time to make your flight, breathe and relax!

Leila Chang Ripich is the founder and owner of Ideal Lifestyle Concierge providing on-demand personal assistant services to individuals and businesses getting your to-do-list done!

Author: Albert Rivera