A Live TV Show Experience in Puerto Rico!

By Lynn Ponder: A week ago I visited my island of Puerto Rico and not only did I have an amazing time filling my heart with the love of friends and family, a wonderful opportunity to be on a live TV Show occurred. I was invited as a guest on America CV Network with renown Anchor Carlos Ochoteco in his Technology segment titled “Tecnologia al Dia” with Carlos Rivera.

Let me start out by stating that I had never been on live TV in Puerto Rico or for that matter in the US, but I have to say that it was a very happy feeling and it shows throughout this interview. I felt at ease with the cameras and was so ready to introduce webcitygirls to the Puerto Rican audience. The interview went extremely well talking about what I do as a social media specialist and answered questions about important issues that evolve around social networking. In addition I was asked about my participation as panel speaker at Hispanicize 2012.

“Tecnologia Al Dia” con Carlos Ochoteco:

I was thrilled to participate on this show not only to talk about how webcitygirls uses social networking to inspire, educate and entertain but also introduce the audience to an initiative for the business community in Puerto Rico started by Mark Hayward.

Mark invited Jeff Pulver a global thought leader to visit Puerto Rico to talk about a conference called The State of Now | 140Conf with the purpose to help build a local 140 Community in PR with the goal of setting Puerto Rico as a possible conference destination. Jeff Pulver, is globally renowned thought leader, author, entrepreneur, a leader in the emerging TV on the Net Industry and the founder of the amazing 140 Conference.

So when Mark Hayward reached out to me via Twitter and because I had the opportunity to attend the 140 Conference in NYC last year invited by Jeff (I talk about how this amazing experience happened in a post that I wrote titled The Power of Connectivity of Twitter) I immediately went into action promoting Jeff’s visit to Puerto Rico as well as planning my trip to attend.

The 140 conference creates a platform for the worldwide online community to: listen, connect, share and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business. Puerto Rico is ready for this event and I am confident that Mark’s determination and with the help from friends from the industry, the #140ConfPR will become a reality for the island.

During my trip I also got to visit one of the most innovative advertising agencies in Puerto Rico: Sajo Garcia Alcazar who are dear friends and we plan to collaborate soon!

My trip was a blessing and I am already dreaming about the next opportunity to visit “La Isla del Encanto” WEPA!