Escape Routes Reality Show Arrives in Miami!

By Lynn Ponder: Have you heard of a new show on NBC called Escape Routes? Let me give you a hint, its one the most innovative ways to launch an advertising campaign and The Ford Motor Company takes the lead using prime time Social TV to launch the new Ford Escape 2013 with a little help from Reality Show Emmy Winner Producers.

Escape Routes is a reality show that started with an open casting call around cities in the US like Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle with the objective to select 6 teams made of 2 people that would compete on a road trip full of extraordinary challenges for a chance to win 2 Ford Escape 2013 plus $100,000. In addition, The Ford Motor Company understands that the world changed and communicates through social networks so they added another layer of online prizes opportunities. Virtual teammates have a chance to win a Ford Escape 2013 and many other prizes each week by picking a team and helping them win some of the challenges. The only thing required is that you register at and from there on pick a team and start engaging and playing.

The Social aspect of Escape Routes is also supported by the fact that the Reality Show has a Web Host iJustine, who is an amazing young lady that is adored by the online community and a Show Host, Rossi Morreale who is not only ridiculously handsome but charming, fun and makes the show even more exciting.

webcitygirls was invited to participate as a social media contributor during their stop in Miami and you have no idea how much fun this experience has been. Linda and I arrived in our Pink Style dressed by our dear friends at My Best Friends Closet Boutique and every single person was loving our look which made us feel very welcome and excited to be there. Through Twitter we had been engaging with the Latino Team Sharon and Wilson so it was a great moment when we met them on set, but we also fell in-love with the rest of the teams Chekesha & Tiffany, Brett & Ross, Drew & Derek, Tara & Bre and Iris & Terrence as they are truly genuine and good people!

The Miami week challenges started out with contestants Kayaking to an island that NBC had set up base camp to capture every angle of that beach during teams turns to compete. NBC uses 6 cameras strategically positioned directed by Jack Cannon. Being a producer, I was very observant and liked the fact that Jack the director would continually thank each cameraman by their name for their great camera shots throughout their coverage. The crew and agency people were all very engaged with each detail and one thing that I really liked was that a lot of laughing and fun permeated throughout the day.

The next day Linda was invited to be a judge for a dance challenge that would be on the live stream with iJustine which proved to be a super fun time for all contestants as they got to perform different styles and Linda’s perky personality added to a FUNtastic time for all specially for the online audience who later reached out to us via Twitter with wonderful tweets. Meanwhile I was on my way to San Francisco for another fun event that the Ford Motor Company invited us to participate the same week. Ford calls it the First Drive where they fly in media from around the US and treat us all to a VIP experience where we get to drive the 2013 Ford Cars through mountains and different roads, as if we were in a race with each other. It is one of the most fun times I have had driving a car because in all honesty Ford’s car technology and performance ROCKS!

Cut to back in Miami, as the San Francisco trip was a very very short one, to meet with Escape Routes contestants one last time for their fun day of live streaming challenges. Linda and I were invited to lunch with them first and then to interact and interview them during the day. We are editing the videos and will share this weekend :)

We invite you to watch the show Saturday’s 8pm on NBC and 11pm on Mun2 and get into the social fun and start engaging in who knows you might just win a 2013 Ford Escape WEPA!!!

Disclosure: I was compensated to work as a social media contributor and I decided to write this post to share my story of this wonderful experience!