Radio Shack Rocking our World!

By Lynn Ponder: Let me tell you a little story about my journey as a Social Press reporter covering events from a social media point of view. It all started in April 2011 at an invite to Telemundo Social Digital Influencer Event. Part of the activities included to cover the red carpet of the Latin Billboards 2011 and it was the first time I landed on a star studded red carpet. In that moment, webcitygirls official social press reporter was born and I created a FUN social campaign titled #TwitterHellos from celebrities on the carpet for Twitter fans.

As we evolved that year and continued knocking on other doors, we got press credentials for Premios Juventud which was a big deal for us, as it would be FIRST official appearance of the 3 webcitygirls together as a Social Press Team on a red carpet. Once I received the press package, I read that the press is required to go dressed in black and I am thinking how is Daddy Yankee and Chino y Nacho going to recognize us LOL! So the next morning I woke up and decide that we were to appear dressed in black but with Pink Wigs and our Pink Signature Look was born in July 2011. We were a hit on that carpet as the press started interviewing us and the artists were fascinated by our look. It proved to be the best move ever for our brand awareness and has become our signature brand look to the extent that the other day at the Latin Billboards Conference Nacho from Chino y Nacho saw me for the first time without the Pink Wig and said “Que Paso con la Peluca” and Chino said you have to wear that Pink Wig as “los luchadores” do and have it on for all your appearances!!!

Throughout the year I continued to cover events using one of the girls equipment but we out grew it and needed a better camera and mic. During another event that I was a speaker this year Hispanicize 2012, I had the good fortune of meeting with Radio Shack introduced by Cristy Clavijo-Kish, CEO at Hispanicize and they loved our platform and concept agreeing to sponsor our equipment for our social coverage WEPA!

I have to say that I am learning so much about Radio Shack and what an amazing company they are. Did you know that they sell Apple products and have a vast selection of the best smartphones in the market. The service is mega friendly and they have so many stores and in the best locations for your convenience. They are also very social and you can find them on YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest and Blog Radio Shack.

Radio Shack set us up with the iRig Mic and iPhone4S which have become the most important tools for us and now I can do my interviews from the red carpet quickly because you have no idea of the craziness. Everything is happening so fast and you have to be ready all the time, if not you miss great opportunities with mega celebrities. The publicists are always rushing them so you better be prepared.

Another great piece that they supplied us with was ZAGGsparq 2.0 Portable USB Charger winner of two CES Innovations Awards, which powers all of our gadgets . On the red carpet of the Latin Billboards, ZAGGsparq was a hit, as everybody wanted and needed to use it LOL! We also got the perfect accessory a color PINK Auvio Pearl Buds w/ Mic Backpack.

Radio Shack has been challenging America during the month of April to dig deep in junk drawers, and find that box in the back of the closet to turn unused tech products into store credit. During America’s Mobile Makeover Month Radio Shack guarantees at least $30 and as much as $300 in immediate store credit when you trade in a working mobile phone and activate a new one through this special Trade & Save promotion.

Now you know why Radio Shack is ROCKING our world by providing us with the best technology for all of our social coverage. We LOVE you Radio Shack….GRACIAS!