“End of Year Thoughts from a Junior in College”

My name is Joana Marques and I am going to be a senior in College. I am so happy to have been a part of webcitygirls for over a year and now to be a part of WebCityTeens.

The end of the year is a bittersweet feeling for everyone in school. It is especially emotional for people who are graduating from high school or college. Graduates know that their lives will never be the same after they take their final steps across the graduation stage. In high school, teenagers know that all their friends are going to be attending colleges that are going to be spread out across the U.S. and sometimes even the world. Most of the time, they will only be able to see their friends during school breaks. When students graduate from college, they will be searching for jobs in the “real world.” When people start their jobs, they don’t have that many vacation days which will make it harder to keep friendships strong.

Moving to a place where you don’t know anyone can feel extremely overwhelming and lonely. It is very important to receive and give support to and from your friends in such a tough time. It is very easy to lose touch with close friends when you are so far apart. A good way to stay close is to set up weekly Skype dates and plan trips to visit each other. You need to remember that there is always room for new friends.

Making new friends in college can be scary. The first people you can approach and try to build friendships with are the people living on your floor. They are the people that will be there every day of your freshman year of college. They are people you can easily go to parties with, go to the movies, and even study together. I am going to be a senior in the fall and I am still very close with someone from my floor freshman year. It is important to not be shy and remember that everyone is experiencing the same thing. Everyone is going to have rough days and it is important to listen and be there for people who need it. Remind each other that no matter how bad things are, things will always get better.

Another good way to make friends is to join clubs or a sports team at school and meet people who share similar interests. You can’t be afraid to try new things because you are afraid you’ll fail. Joining a sorority or a fraternity is also a great way to build friendships. Personally, I loved joining a sorority because I go to college in such a large school that it can be overwhelming at times. Joining a sorority not only gave me an opportunity to make great friends but it also gave me a support system. When you join Greek life, you are not only meeting people in your own organization, but you are also meeting thousands of people who belong to the same community as you who share the same values and principles.

I attended graduations last week and saw five of my dear friends walk across that stage. I was so happy and excited for them but I knew that our friendships would change as soon as the ceremony was over. Three of them are staying in Boston, one of them is moving to New York and the other one is moving to Connecticut. I am happy about that because they will all be somewhat close to me. These are people that I want to have in my life for a long time so I will make an effort to keep them in it. It is a surreal to imagine that next year it will be me walking across that stage and jumping into the “real world.” It is going to be hard leaving my friends behind but I know everything is going to be alright.

Even though starting a new chapter in your life can be scary, you need to look at it as an opportunity to meet new people and try new things. Your friends will be far away but they will always be just one call away. No matter where in your life you are right now, remember to always keep your head held up high, love endlessly, and be happy.