Have You Ever Been to a Rusko Concert?

Hi, my name is Jacklyn Lopez.   I am 14 years old and going to be a sophomore soon. I am new to webcityTeens bloggers Army, I hope you like my story…

The anticipation was heavy we had wanted to go to this concert since out first dubstep concert. Rusko was one of my favorite artists. The night began with confusion of how my friends and I were going to get to the Fillmore, how we going to get back and whose house were we going to sleep over. Once we had that set out we all met up at my friend’s house and got ready. We blasted Rusko’s songs while applying glitter on our eyes and dancing around in our highlighter outfits. Still not sure of all the girls who were attending we asked a bit more. Turns out two other girls were going, the whole group was finally together, we had six and we were going to meet up with more.

Once you show up you’ll see many groups of different people you’ll see the 30 year old perverts, the hot 16 year olds, the girls who forgot to put actual clothes on, the potheads, and the people trying to sell you drugs and tickets. My advice is to avoid them all (except for the hot 16 year olds of course). We then got in line, were frisked by security guards and had a bags checked. Having been there early the theater was pretty empty so we squeezed in 5 rows down from the front we managed to see a friends and get down to 3 rows. We made friends with some guys and decided that all of us would push to the front. We all were talking and laughing while waiting for the first artist to come on. Usually the intro artist aren’t very good and don’t get the crowd pumped up. We then see a little man get on the stage, he doesn’t introduce himself and he just starts to play music. His progressive house songs weren’t enough for everyone who was looking for dirty bass drops and everyone began chanting for Rusko to come on. After he left the stage another man came on and got everyone all hyped up.

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for; we see in big shiny letters the name RUSKOascend from the top. It was followed by squealing and screaming, no one could control themselves. He began playing his first song; the energy in there is something I never want to forget. Everyone’s hands were up in the air moving up in down in unison to the bass drops, it was magical I just closed my eyes to take it all in. I could feel the music moving through my whole body from my head, to my heart, even the hairs in my arms. Sadly this perfection couldn’t last. I then noticed all my surroundings girls jumping up and down suffocating me with their hair, creepy guys dancing on me and then I realized I lost all my friends but three. It becomes hotter than a sauna in there, people’s body starts to stink and the only way to get fresh air is to get on your tip-toes and look to the ceiling. Guys were being the usual sloppy pigs they are and were  pushing each other in circles trying to start fights. This may sound so stressful and disgusting but you forget about all of it when your favorite songs come on and you’re just reminiscing through the memories you’ve had with them. I held my best friends’ hands screaming the lyrics out along with everyone; we danced and jumped up and down. You had no choice not to jump because the crowd would move you.

Then finally checking our phones we had come back to reality, it was 1:00 AM. We had to leave so we darted through people making out, the people fighting and the clouds of smoke and waited for my friend’s older sister in the front. When we got home we got into our pajamas and took off as much glitter and eyeliner as we could. All of us sat in one small bed telling our experiences that night. We all got really tired and fell asleep; the night of a concert is probably the best kind of sleep that I ever get.