Meet Fashion Designer & Violinist Noelia Cruz!

Hello Fashionistas!!! My name is Noelia Cruz, a fashion designer, violinist, entrepreneur and writer who will share some fashion insights with you, through a series of weekly blog entries in this wonderful world of webcitygirls. Fashionistas will be a fun and different way to approach fashion. The articles will feature fashion events, style tips, music, color stories and trends for every season.

I would like to start by introducing myself a little bit more as we will get to know each other every week by sharing and exchanging ideas and impressions. I’ve been a professional violinist for 17 years having the amazing experiences to perform and record with artists such as: Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Andrea Bocelli, Donna Summers, Daddy Yankee, Ricardo Montaner, Marco Antonio Solís, Andy Montañez and Victor Manuel just to name a few. I’m the president and founder of Suonare Music, a company specialized in providing musical services to weddings and corporate events.

Daddy Yankee and I at an amazing recording experience:

Fashion My Passion

In the fashion world I’m the designer and owner of Thaïs by Noelia Cruz. My fashion designs cover couture gowns, bridal, cruise/resort and boutique collections. I’m one of the designers who present collections at West Fashion Week. My designs have been featured in magazines such as Imagen, Revista Moda Mía, Atrevida and New Condado Magazine.

My approach to fashion is very artistic and colorful. One of my main points of inspiration is the Caribbean where I was born and raised. In my fashion philosophy I believe that we have come to establish a special connection between our bodies and art through the use of clothes, finding ourselves in constant need to acquire this art form as a basic need in our lives.

A taste of my designs and can’t wait to share more soon :)

Up Next!

Autumm/Winter fashion shows have just ended so why not bring some insight from the runway, colors stories for the season and trends up next? I hope you’ll join me every week dear Fashionistas!!!

Until the next entry,
Noelia Cruz