[New] webcityTeens

By Lynn Ponder:  We are adding a new division to the site, webcityTeens!!!

webcityTeens is a new division of webcitygirls.com dedicated to teenagers relevant issues like bullying at school, education, music, video games and fashion.

webcityTeens will have an army of teenager bloggers that will create blogs posts that will cover teens lifestyle, positive messages and lessons for all to learn from.

webcityTeens will have mentors that will guide them with answers and information about issues that affect their lives and information will be shared through the power of social media.

webcityTeens will also create blog posts about products they like and their experiences with these products.

webcityTeens weekly schedule includes The Video Game Expert, Fashionista, Mentors, Music and Entertainment posts by teens.

webcityTeens has a Twitter account where Mentors will share valuable information and the ultimate goal is to get Teens to interact with this account @webcityTeens and have them own this Twitter feed.