Single Mom, On The Road Again!

By Maria Caso:  Another busy month and it’s been exhausting. I’ve hit the road four times in the last 30 days, which means four times leaving my teenage daughter behind.

Havana sets amazing standards for herself regarding school work. She will not miss a day of school and literally has a 100% attendance record. She epitomizes the peak performance I strive to instill in people, including myself, but she is still a tween girl, and she needs her mom.

Recently, I was invited to “Conversations Among Masters“, a four-day coaching conference in San Antonio. I was thrilled at the opportunity, but hesitant to endure the talk about having to leave again. How do I bring it up? I did what human beings tend to do in the face of what’s uncomfortable: I procrastinated, till finally I had to tell Havana that her mama’s on the road again.

Her look said it all. AGAIN?, she whispered.  And then, with a soft voice: “Who will I stay with this time?” It hurts. I scrambled to find the right words and action, but my heart wasn’t in it. I was suddenly resentful of my singleness. Resentful of having no partner to share the load, l was really mad. As days passed, I tried to compensate, but there was anger in the air. Love may conquer all, but it’s woefully inadequate when single moms leave kids not understanding why we’re not like their friends….with moms who don’t work and seem always to be there.

So the day comes for me to leave for San Antonio to the conference. We take a taxi to her school on the Upper East Side, she says she loves me and wishes me good trip. Then she walks into to the school lobby. Having arranged for childcare, I feel I’ve done the best I could, and with a heavy heart, head to the airport.

As I’m boarding the plane, a text jingalings on my phone: “Mom I Love You. Have a great trip and learn a lot”. I look at the words from my tween child and smile…Thus another day in the life of a single life coach mom in Manhattan.


How does traveling in your career impact your kids? It would be great to share stories about what technology and social networks makes it easier for you to be in better contact with your kids?  Comments are highly appreciated to continue this dialogue…thank you Ladies!