A Day In The Life of A Cheerleader!

Hi, I’m Hayley Cundiff currently a sophomore in High School and happy to be contributing to webcityTeens blog!
From my perspective everyone in high school has a clique . Whether its scene , preppy , nerdy , or jocks. In this case , my life revolves around my cheer life.. There’s usually drama topics at the bay or topics girls have cat fights over , boys or not , sports keep me out of this , I have all A’s and B’s with a 3.8 GPA so I’m doing pretty well!
My parents keep me in cheer so I keep all this up , without it I think I would have pretty bad grades and a drama-filled life. I have cheered for Tequesta Trace Middle for one year, Cypress Bay for two years, Triple Threat all stars for a year , and Weston Warriors competitive three years . I have practice almost everyday so I very rarely have time for my friends.
My cheer friends are my family , My best friend , Sofia , just joined & she LOVES it.  Not just cheerleading , I love all sports especially swimming & ice skating well that’s a day in the life . <3
What keeps you busy and out of trouble?