A Social Media & Experiential Marketing Ford Experience!

By Lynn Ponder:  As you might know, webcitygirls is a social media brand which exists mainly to create social content for brands to connect with consumers. In our evolution we were fortunate to connect with The Ford Motor Company, a brand that understands about engagement in the social space.

In the past months, I have created several public relations and social media out reach programs for Ford en Español “con mucho exito”.  But this last month I got my first opportunity to interact with the multicultural advertising side of Ford through Zubi Advertising.  Zubi decided to include webcitygirls platform as part of the tactics in an experiential marketing initiative with la Revista Siempre Mujer, the largest Spanish-language magazine for Hispanic women in the US.

Ford was the title sponsor for the first time ever ‘Siempre Mujer Music Festival’ in Charleston, South Carolina which included all sorts of activities from seminars by CNN about immigration issues to “Tendencias de Latina Cooking”  to “Clases de Zumba Dancing” culminating with an amazing concert with one of our “favoritos” Chino y Nacho and Gilberto Santa Rosa.  Being a heavy populated Mexican community the concert also included renown Los Tigres del Norte.

The definition of experiential marketing: a program that allows consumers to become active participants in a marketing effort. Which is why we firmly believe that webcitygirls platform was the perfect choice to be part of this event because we live to be social, we live to interact with consumers and we have an obsession with Twitter and Facebook LOL!

We were given three speaking moments on stage where we animated the crowd, talked about why Ford was a sponsor and gave away  blue wigs which became a Fashion statement as well as one of the most sought out prizes at the event.  Little girls and Moms would follow us around asking for the wigs and one beautiful little girl even wore hers to the concert with a pink flower over the blue wig (she looked adorable).

Ford set up a FUN #FordZone which included the opportunity to win prizes and money by interacting with the different vehicles and games.  Each game represented an opportunity to show off features of the car:

1.        “El Poder de Escoger” [2012 Focus]

•       Memory Game: match the features displayed, in sequential order, to the vehicle highlighted

2.        “El Ingenioso Escape” [2013 Escape]

•       33sec Challenge: spin the wheel, activate liftgate, and build the puzzle in the back of the Escape

3.        “Juega y Gana” [2012 Fiesta and 2012 Focus]

•       Digital Slot Machine: spin for a prize; if you get (3) 40MPG logos you win the cash prize up to $25 (multiple)

4.        “Oval Count Challenge” [Passive Stand-alone]

•       On-Site Raffle: guess the number of Ford ovals in the bin for a $50 Visa Gift Card (1)

As part of the experiential experience, Ford had set up another area to test drive vehicles: Focus, Escape, Fusion, Explorer, Fiesta, F-150 with a $5 on-site meal voucher incentive.  This was a real chance to feel and learn about the new Ford vehicles and ask questions about efficiency and performance, as experts where there to assist them.  It also gave webcitygirls another opportunity to interact with the consumer, interview them about their thoughts, and create social content for Ford.

During the evening concert there were additional opportunities to continue the experiential experience  “Juega y Gana” with the Ford Fiesta 2012 and Mustang 2013 with cash prize up to $25.

webcitygirls not only covered the concert with pictures (artists decided not to give out interviews ahhhh) and tweeted every moment day/night, but walked throughout the concert getting families and individuals to sign up and register to win a car which will be raffled at the end of this year.  What I thought was even more fun and interesting for participants, was that Ford’s giveaway was designed so the winner could pick any vehicle that best suited their lifestyle up to $30,000 WEPA!

We loved our first experiential marketing event with Ford and can hardly wait to repeat this experience. Our goal is to participate and offer other brands this unique social media engagement opportunity with webcitygirls combining experiential marketing with social media.

Thank you so much Ford and kudos to the great Zubi Team, we really enjoyed it and know that the audience connected with webcitygirls and related us to Ford by the thousands of impressions we got on Twitter, the hundreds of retweets and comments we received and by the warmth of the people with us at this event!

Hasta la proxima Mi Gente y gracias por el apoyo…los queremos xo!