Emily a Teen Living “Quiero Mis Quinces” Dream with Tr3s MTV!

By Lynn Ponder: I was asked if I would be interested in interviewing one of the quinceañearas from Tr3s MTV, Música y Más New Season an incredibly popular series “Quiero Mis Quinces,” a show that takes you on a wild ride behind the scenes for all the drama, surprises and over-the-top fun as teens prepare for their most important coming-of-age celebrations.

The Quinces is the ultimate coming of age party for young Latinos, and “Quiero Mis Quinces” captures the good, the bad and the over-the-top surprises of a teenager’s dream. The series goes beyond the stereotypical highs and lows of planning a quinceañera and dives deep to profile the life of each fifteen year old, what this landmark birthday signifies and how family is at- the-heart of this significant milestone. In its eighth season, “Quiero Mis Quinces” is produced by Sebastian Portillo, Director of Reality Content for Tr3s.

Having launched webcityTeens a platform for teens to share life stories and positive messages guided by mentors for a better and safer environment, of course I was interested in getting to know how the participants think and learn from them to share with other teens.

Cut to a call with Emily a Cuban-American 15 year old from East Rutherford, NJ who is enchanting and determined to show the world who she is and what she is about.

The idea of Quiero Mis Quinces is all about teens who are determined to go all out to mark this major milestone in their lives, the parents and abuelos who lavish their every wish & the spectacle around the most important coming- of-age party for any Latino teen!

I asked Emily some questions like:

Q. What is the process to participate and why do you think you were selected?

Emily: I went through a Casting company, sent a video answering questions about my ideas of the party, decisions made and pending decisions.  Answered personal questions about who I am , what I liked so they could get to know me. Since I am a dancer, they also wanted a video of me doing one of my performances so I sent my solo of a competition from last year.

I was selected because I am very outgoing with the things I do and choices I make.  I am different from other people and not afraid to do things that maybe other people would choose not to do.  I am very spontaneous.

Q. Was you dream to be on TV and celebrate your Quinces?  Or what is the dream you are living through this opportunity?

Emily: My dream has always been to be on TV and to really show a lot of people what I love to do which is to dance and have a good time and show myself.  Not only the people that went to my party, but other people that watched the show could understand what it meant to me to be a performer and be in the spotlight.

I am not the kind of person that lets it go to my head and now that I kind of have a spotlight, it is making me realize that I as I got chosen to be on the show, now I can imagine I will be a part of lots of other things.

Q. Did any of your girlfriends participated in your Quinces?

Emily: A couple of  my girlfriends from my school participated which was important to me because one of the things I was worried that they would not understand the importance of the dances.  Since I dance competitively and it is an important part of my life, my friends do not understand this because they do not dance and it was my time to show them.  So my friends did a scene with me to show that they were confused of the whole process and to learn why it really means to perform at my quinces!

My friend Daniel, my chamberlain, was also a part of and performed the tango dance with me.

Q. What did you learn from participating in this reality show with Tr3s?

Emily: I learned that a lot of hard work is going to pay off because by being on the set, although normal places like my house where we shot the show, working with the crew and producers can be kind of stressful.  Getting used to it was a little challenging because it was foreign, but once we got serious about it, was a lot of fun and definitely not many people get to experience this opportunity.  I will never forget this moment and I learned that you have to be very open-minded to learn new things and to be a part of new experiences.

Q. Did you have a date for your Quinces?

Emily: I had my chamberlain, my friend Daniel who was my main escort for the grand entrance and did the tango together and my boyfriend Andrew was there as well. (at the present time they broke up)

So there you go an experience of a lifetime for a young, beautiful, intelligent teenager that has big dreams and is on her way to many more amazing experiences that will certainly come her way.

From June 4th, New episodes premiere every Monday night at 9pm (ET) on Tr3s!