Summer Eye & Skin Mist Just for YoU!

By Lynn Ponder:  I good friend of mine from Portland, Oregon introduced me to an organic and natural eye and skin mist that I need to share with you.  It’s called Natures Tears Eye Mist and they also carry Face Mist. Living in hot tropical weather plus on my computer 18 hours a day, you can imagine how refreshing and cool to discover this product for my eyes and skin.

Some of the Eye Mist benefits considering if you have Dry Eyes. Allergies, computer eyestrain, fitness/workout, airline travel, contact lenses tired eyes, burning/itching/red inflamed eyes and stinging due to polluted air and surroundings, the eye mist is the perfect product for you.  Its all-natural patented water product.

The patented all natural products benefits the human health in an increasingly dry, polluted and stressful world.  Eye hydration when you wear contact lenses, working out in fitness seats environment, as well as the environment (spring/summer) pollen season.

Can you believe this product does not run eye make-up WooHoo! 100% safe for all ages (including babies), No additives, chemicals, allergens or preservatives, Non-saline and you can apply as often as desired.

It is an advantage and convenience that this product does not run down your make-up, Refreshes/tones and hydrates your face all over body.  The face mist is equivalent to the Evian water bottle mist.  Its great to have it handy at all times, for all seasons and believe me you will love it!

Bio Logic Aqua Technologies the company that created this wonderful product is the global leader in advanced, all-natural water topical hydrotherapies.  “Moisture for life”.  They are the first company to bring sterile, hypotonic, low-osmolarity, PH-correct, absolute premium standard tissue-culture grade water to the world marketplace.  Their class 1000 controlled environment bottling facilities are the industry benchmark for the production of all water misting products.

To buy these awesome products you can go to:

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated to write this post, but I did get some samples to try the product.