Teens: Dressing For Less!

Hello! My name is Anna-Carolina and I am 14 years old. I am going into high school this year and will be a freshman, which I am very excited about. I live in California but am from Miami, and crazy about the Miami Heat! I am thrilled to be blogging on webcityTeens as a teen blogger!

Most of the looks you see on Hollywood’s A-list celebs are very pricey, but there are many stores that carry brand name clothes, replicas for a much lower price, and stores that carry a lot of the trends you see on the runway. Stores like Marshalls, Forever 21, H&M, and Target carry a lot of really cute, chic pieces for very low prices. You can find the same type of Hervé Léger bandage dress at Forever 21 for only $20, saving you almost $3000! Stores like H&M carry adorable chic blazers that range from $40-50 and great colored jeans that are very trendy now.

A lot of people think it’s hard to get fabulous clothes without breaking the bank, but it is very possible if you look in all the right places! Many people also make their own clothes and recreate looks they’ve seen on the runways. On YouTube you can find many girls and woman who show you how to create your own looks. There are also several videos of shopping hauls girls have been on, and they review the affordable, chic clothes they bought! Even if you don’t have a huge budget you can always look super stylish!

Hope you like my post!