Time For Camp!

By Maria Caso:  It’s summertime again, and under the hot sun, it means my tween is tween again: she’s too young to work and too old to do nothing.  The answer?  Camp time for Havana!

First, she journeys to Maine, to a rural camp where she will unlearn fashion and pretentious city ways. Then she will come back and spend two weeks in ice skating camp. Then she’ll go away again to soccer camp. I need a scorecard!

So what about me? As freeing as all this camp business sounds to a parent, it comes with a price. The void of my young person leaving begins the moment the car drives off.  I know it will all be wonderful for her but as for me, frankly, I am heartbroken. I love being with my kid. Really! I may bitch and moan but life without her would be empty. She has helped me establish a consistency in my life that did not exist before.

So now I have to create a new pattern of living for the next two and half months that will have positive meaning and influence in my personal life and support my life coaching life. How will I do that? It starts with me coaching me! I create a written plan that I will follow strictly. And adjust to it until she comes back, where upon I will read just once again.

Change is the one thing that is always present. If not with my tween then in my business. The goal is to stay positive, fulfilled and make sure the aching void is satisfied for the next couple of months until my precious daughter Havana returns.

How will you spend your summer?

Let me know what tips you have for the folks in webcitygirls land.

Maria Caso / Life coach/ Single Mom in Manhattan