Waiting Game Over

By Albert X:   The month of May 2012 has given gamers 2 of the most awaited sequels in the video game industry. After years of waiting gamers can now rejoice as two iconic gaming franchises make their return. The first game released in May was Rockstar GamesMax Payne 3. Then Ubisoft followed suit with Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Now the only question that remains is: Were these titles worth the wait?

* Max Payne 3

After a nine year hiatus Max Payne returns better than ever. Like good wine the iconic franchise has only gotten better with age. Max Payne 3 is a third person shooter which takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, an unforgiving and gritty environment all seen through the eyes of the stellar character, Max Payne. Max is a has been, pill popping, drunk, ex-cop with a sense of duty. Max Payne 3 is a nostalgic yet refreshing adrenaline ride from beginning to end. The game retains much of the same run-and-gun style of gameplay featured in its predecessors while adding a new cover system. As expected Max Payne 3 once again incorporates bullet-time into the action a feature for which the franchise is notorious for. In bullet-time the action moves into slow motion in where the player can better dodge attacks and see every bullet strike on an enemy in brutal detail. Shooting and killing enemies in Max Payne 3 will look noticeably more realistic than in any preceding Rockstar game. Players can now stay grounded after dives and attack from a prone position.

The best addition to the franchise is cinematic gameplay and interactive cutscenes which hide load screens. These cutscenes not only give Max Payne 3 a true film noire feel, but also create a continuous gaming experience. Max Payne is a Must Play Game that must not be overlooked. The gameplay is versatile and flexible enough to accommodate both casual and hardcore players alike. Additionally Rockstar has announced various DLC expansions to be released for both the multiplayer and single player experiences. Max Payne 3 is undoubtedly game of the year material as Rockstar Games delivers yet another gaming jewel.

* Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

After a 5 year waiting period and several development delays later, the Ghosts are back! Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (GRFS) is a third person, squad based, tactical military shooter. GRFS is the fifth installment in the Ghost Recon series focusing on future warfare and weaponry. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier takes place in the near future. A dirty bomb has taken out a Ghost team, and another Ghost team is tasked with tracking down the source of the dirty bomb. The game is a third-person cover-based shooter, except when aiming using sights at which point the game switches to a first-person camera view in order to facilitate more precise aiming. Cover positions can be destroyed, forcing players to keep moving. A new feature in the series is the “optical camouflage” a form of active camouflage which allows the Ghosts to become harder to see. Players will also have access to drones such as the Drone Crawler (a small remote controlled quadrotor which can land and drive around) and the War Hound (a heavy walking robot, similar to BigDog, which can be used as portable cover).

The game debuts the Gunsmith feature, which allows the player to customize and try out their weapons. Parts that can be customized include optics, paint, triggers, magazines, under-barrel and side-barrel attachments, gas systems, barrels, muzzles, and stocks. Gunsmith is available for both the single player and multiplayer experiences. In the campaign, players will unlock complete weapons (that include all parts) by completing missions and challenges. In multiplayer, players will unlock weapons and earn credits as they level up their character. On the Xbox 360 players can use their Kinect to customize their weapons interactively. Ghost Recon Future Soldier remains true to its roots giving players a great tactical squad based experience. It seems that after a five year wait the game would have better grafics. But despite the lack of next gen visuals the game remains a great gaming experience to be enjoyed solo or with a squad of friends.

Final Thoughts: I guess you can say YES both titles were worth the wait…