A Social Chat South Florida Interview!

By Lynn Ponder: Last week I was invited to my first live interview online with a group of amazing social media women who have a weekly show called Social Chats South Florida. Let me please introduce you to Susy Rosado, Tonya Scholz, Debbie Elicksen and Cynthia Seymour.

I loved the fact that they use Spreecast an online tool that allows you to create conversations face to face, where you can chat with 4 people at once and create awesome social content for your viewers.

Since it was Friday and Susy and I where the Latinas of the group, I suggested we theme our interview with a Social Happy Hour. I picked one of my favorite refreshing day drinks Real Sangria and Susy had a yummy Margarita with Patron Tequila, Debbie picked up a Heineken, I believe Cynthia stuck to her coffee drink and Tonya decided on a wonderful glass of Champagne. We were ready to share an hour of fun social interactivity of my story evolving with webcitygirls and much more.

Check out the interview here:





Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
Make it a super productive and prosperous new week :)
Los quiero xo!