Are you the caregiver of your family?

By Lynn Ponder:  As a caring daughter and pretty much responsible for the well being of my mother who has Alzheimer and requires 24 hour homecare, I am happy to learn about Comfort Plus, Inc an online retailer that promotes Tranquility products.

According to a White Paper “The State of the Hispanic Caregiver” just released by medical supplier resource company Comfort Plus states that there are roughly 4,000,000 Hispanics over the age of 65 in the US. By 2050, elderly Hispanics share will almost triple to 17% from 6 percent in 2005.  Latinos are very family oriented so can you imagine how many families will benefit from the findings of this White Paper.

One of my main concerns is to keep inventory of all the products my Mom needs on a daily basis, however I need to stay within our family budget. The good news is that this White Paper states that by Comfort Plus promoting Tranquility brand products, they are offering customers the ability to save money, save the environment, and the opportunity to find some comfort and peach of mind.

The aging Hispanic population in the US as well as the people that take care of them do not have proper access to home care resources on the internet.  Comfort Plus seeks to change that by making a conscious decision to reach out to the Hispanic market, because they are family-oriented and a value-driven company that believes that everyone needs the best service when dealing with the care of their loved ones.

When it comes to Tranquility Products, Comfort Plus takes pride in providing the best products and services to its customers.  The best incontinence product line on the market is Tranquility, made by Principle Business Enterprises, Inc.  Did you know that after 30 days using Tranquility products, you can end up spending around half of what it normally would with another leading brand.  That represents savings in your household that will make a difference in your budget for sure.

Also here are some facts about Tranquility products:

  • Tranquility products are the most absorbent products on the market.  For that reason, they require fewer changes and permit lasting comfort.
  • Tranquility products provide unsurpassed skin dryness, odor elimination, and leakage protection.
  • Tranquility products save money for the user due to their efficiency.
  • Tranquility products require fewer changes due to their superior absorbency.  This makes the user more comfortable and requires less work from the caregiver.

Comfort Plus launched in March of 2012 with the intentions of making their products and services more accessible to at-home caregivers.  They also realized that by creating an e-commerce website it would not be enough to suit all the needs of their customers. The highlight of their website is the “Comfort Plus Para Ti” section completely in Spanish to provide customers the best they can where latinos can identify and find the following sections:

“Encuentra Tu Producto” an interactive matrix that helps the customer find the correct product.

“Atencion al Cliente y Muestras” – a Spanish Speaking representative assists customer in choosing samples and what products are best for them.

“Gangas, Descuentos y Mas” – Customers will be informed about all discounts and deals.

“Centro de Recursos Para El Cuidador” – caregivers will have access to relevant, informative material to help with issues they face.

“Blog” – Publishes select pieces from “Centro de Recursos Para El Cuidador” and allows followers to give feedback.

“Facebook” – one in English “Comfort Plus Medical Supplies” and another one in Spanish “Comfor Plus Para Ti” to keep customers up to date on caregiver resources and product deals and discounts as well as a resource for caregivers to share issues and advice.

Hope this post gives you the information you need to help your family with caregiving issues and now you have the best option to find savings, advice and much more!  We invite you to follow on Twitter @comfortPlusZac and Like their Facebook Page :)  And use LMB2012 Discount code at checkout for $10 off any case of Tranquility Products.

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Comfort Plus Online However, all opinions expressed are my own.