Pink Girls Social Updates!

By Lynn Ponder: As an entrepreneur following my latest dream and passion for social media, I continue experimenting ways of engaging with our audience online with great success. I love creating innovative programs and developing social content for brands to connect with consumers through social networking online and offline.

Let me start out by sharing stats of an idea we had on the day we were covering Premios Juventud a show comparable to Teen Choice Awards. We wanted more engagement previous to arriving at the red carpet, so we came up with the idea to create our First One-Hour Live Stream TwitChat titled Pink Glam about how celebrity guest Madai got ready for the red carpet. Her fabulous make up artist Grace Aguado made us look beautiful and when TwitCam started, we discussed differences between our make up and Madai, her choice of dress, shoes, accessories and more! We truly had fun and the comments we received was that our interaction was organic and very entertaining. Within 24 hours of the event hashtag #PinkGlam tracking report: 94 Tweets generated 694,764 impressions, reaching an audience of 420,945 followers WEPA!  We would love to partner with beauty/fashion brands and create these type of online events.

Lynn, Madai, Linda and Grace Pink Glam Team:

We completed our Pink Glam TwitCam just in time to arrive at Premios Juventud and get ready to create social content for our site and our YouTube Channel which has reached over 103,904 views and continues growing each day from 300 to 500 visits.

Lynn Getting Ready to Interview Prince Royce with iPhone4 and iRig Mic from Radio Shack:

The next day on Friday, I was the guest using Spreecast social video platform on a one hour live entertaining social chat show created by 4 women who spend most of their time online creating social engagement and are social media experts. During a fun happy hour environment, we discussed all of my latest social experiences which generated 1049 views.

On Saturday, MundoFOX hired webcitygirls to be the official social media press team covering the behind the scenes of the arrival of  the star of El Capo Hit Series with acclaimed actor Marlon Moreno as part of their promotional tour  titled Conexion en Vivo. We created a 3-day teaser social campaign for El Capo show based on the strategy created by MundoFOX around “El Hombre Mas Buscado”, who had escaped from Colombia and webcitygirls was to find him in Miami. The hashtag #ElCapo used by webcitygirls and Cake Group the social media team handling MundoFOX within 179 Tweets generated 1,233,176 impressions reaching an audience of 381,429 followers within the last 24 hours of teaser campaign.

Lynn, Marlon Moreno and Linda ready for exclusive interview:

We were proud to get an exclusive interview with Marlon Moreno who had a special message for all of his fans on Twitter and we uploaded the video this past Wednesday and at the moment we are going on 788 views.

Another experiment we did was with MundoFOX lead star of Kdabra Christopher Uckerman, was creating buzz online about interviewing him and including Twitter fans questions on our post. Once we posted the interview with Christopher, it was translated by fans from around the world to several languages and generated 390,175 impressions and reached 363,994 accounts on Twitter. Plus Christopher fans are now our followers and we engage with them on a daily basis.

Our next social collaboration is in NYC this week where we will be joining forces with Louis Aguirre in his participation as MC for the launch of a new marketing campaign for the City of Miami, where we will be reporting live on the scene and using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share every moment of this event with our audience online.

On Tuesday night attending a social networking event in NYC by Hispanic Public Relations Association where editors of top  Hispanic Media will be talking about Media Trends for 2013 moderated by Alvaro Cabal, Ford Motor Company Multicultural Communications Manager and I will be covering live on Twitter.  During the end of the week, with the help of mis hermanas at LATISM will be attending BlogHer 2012 Conference in NYC, the largest conference in the US for Bloggers. Can hardly wait!

I also want to share that we are getting ready to launch two new social networking initiatives one related to celebrities and fans engagement the other one directed towards small business women/men owners. Stay connected with us for more to come!

webcitygirls is always looking to partner with brands that want to create social fun ways to connect with their audience. webcitygirls understands and loves to listen, engage and communicate information in fun ways that attract followers who love us for our positive and happy  attitude online.

Thank you for your time with us and remember Live Life Happy!