Corporate Culture Intersected by Executive Coaching!

By Maria Caso: It has been a long summer so far. my sweet daughter Havana has been away for almost two months and the time alone has served me well. What do I mean by this?

Well…….I have begun thinking of the next frequency of my career and it is about Executive Coaching. I have begun working on several business strategies to empower and facilitate leadership at all levels of the corporate structure. I want to share some of them with you, my readers.

How can companies create a viable corporate culture that will last and flourish?

• Hire the right people…..identify and hire passionate people by asking the right questions

• Communicate…..a fertile culture recognizes allowing people to speak up is key

• Know when to let someone go ……winning and gossiping kills possibility in companies

• Work hard play hard……find the right balance

• Celebrate differences…..great cultures are built on diversities

• Create the space…..interaction helps breed revolutionary ideas, have physical space for that

• Take the long view……corporate cultures needs to look ahead, not just in months but in years

This is the very beginning of the potential possibility in the leadership conversation that is developing as the summer progresses. I am excited and will keep you posted. Follow webcitygirls announcement of an Executive Social Coaching Networking Event in the Fall in NYC.

Havana is about to return and life looks wonderful.

I welcome feedback and as always, be great !

Maria Caso / Life coach/ Single Mom in Manhattan