Meet Janid, High Flying Electronic Diva!

By Katty Krumhansl:  It’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to Janid Ortiz, a multitalented Latina dynamo that doubles as Manager, Regional Marketing / Latin America & Caribbean at JetBlue Airways and artist- singer. I managed to squeeze into her ultra-busy schedule for an interview to share with Web City Girls, read on!

Q. Hola Janid! You have an amazing energy juggling as you do an exciting career with a major airline, your work as composer, singer, video artist, and pitching in with the PBS/JetBlue Soar with Reading program for children (not to mention animal rescuer). What charges you up?

A. I always feel like I’m running on empty, but there’s no rest for the weary! My job is never complete. I always want to do more, say more, explore more, connect more. My love for life, for the people who encourage me to keep going is what energizes me.

Music is my biggest passion. It is what I breathe, eat and live. It is in my blood. Being able to express myself creatively through the universal language of music is liberating and euphoric. If one person can relate to my music and connect with it…that, to me, is accomplishment and success.

Representing an outstanding brand like JetBlue is amazing. I get to drive market strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean and develop plans to support JetBlue’s continued growth in the region. It is challenging, but so exciting and of course, fun! I get to travel, meet new people, see new places, experience different cultures, move the masses and make a difference in the community.

As an animal lover, it’s important for me to advocate for animal rights and do what I can to help. I have five beautiful dogs, each with a very unique story and they light up my life! I believe that doing the right thing can be contagious so I am always hopeful kindness and compassion will go viral one day.

I am extremely passionate about everything I do and I am always trying to innovate, to create change, and to move people. All of these things just make me feel like the Energizer bunny. And that’s why I don’t drink coffee. I’d drive people mad.

Q- How do you manage to excel at all endeavors and still have time for fun?

A. Fun? What is that?? Ha ha, I can’t remember the last time I went on a vacation!!! I am always working, but I manage to have fun in everything I do. It’s hard, but not impossible. You have to stay focused, grounded and balanced. You have to know when to stop and when to go. And even though I feel like I am always on the go, I make a conscious effort to stop, breathe and take a break. It’s very easy to become a workaholic, especially when you love what you do. On the other hand, being a Puerto Rican, I am always finding excuses to party. Even if I don’t have the time, I will make the time!

Q- Your new album is titled Más Allá de Andrómeda, beyond Andromeda. In mythology Andromeda is one who has bravery in her mind. What´s on yours?

A. My mind is always racing. It is full of thoughts, dreams, hopes, ideas and plans. I have perseverance, and definitely bravery on it. I am a warrior! To me, being on top of the world and reaching for the stars is not enough. There’ s no such thing as the finish line. “Más Allá de Andrómeda” is about going beyond that, much farther than that. It’s also about excellence and putting out the best work I can put out.

Q- Tell us what´s next for this high-flying Diva!

  1. A.  I’m busy promoting my new album. I will also be going on tour with the amazing pianist Arthur Hanlon, with whom I had the privilege of performing last year in Puerto Rico at “Encanto del Caribe” alongside Marc Anthony, Laura Pausini, Natalia Jimenez, Cheo Feliciano and other incredible artists. The DVD for “Encanto del Caribe” will be released on August 21 and in August also, the concert will be broadcast on PBS nationwide. Here’s a sneak peak, you can see me singing around :48 seconds:
  2. Additionally, my next video is in the works and I would love to get back in the studio and start working on the next album. I want to act in movies, have my own TV and radio show and continue working with the community and the causes that matter the most to me: animals, the environment, children, education, literacy and endometriosis. I would also love to establish a charity or two.

Q- How can webcitygirls friends follow you?

A. You can find me at:

Instagram – divaelectronica

And most importantly, by downloading ” Más Allá de Andrómeda” on iTunes, Amazon and pretty much everywhere else on cyber space.  Thank you!