¡Que me den salsa!

Tripping with Kats: ¨Bored¨ is a term that certainly does not exist for webcitygirls nor for this guest writer who lives a life that´s anything but, be it on purpose or by chance. Sí chicas, vivo en el Caribe, en la isla de Puerto Rico, and I´ll start this conversation by sharing a little of the salsa in my life, on this occasion, both danceable and delectable.

As a grandiose complement to the ubiquitous congas at the Placita de Santurce on weekends, or the frenzied jams at the Niuyorican Café in Old San Juan, the danceable kind of salsa went on hi gear in the Isla del Encanto, when the 16th World Salsa Congress took the stage at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Isla Verde. The attending public enjoyed dance exhibitions by world renowned salsa dancers and choreographers as well as competitions featuring the hottest talent in the business.

This year’s champs turned out to be sizzling hot real-life couple Carine Morais and Rafael Barros from Brazil, who won the distinction in 2010. To add to the heat of the moment, Rafael proposed during the awards ceremony, when, on his knees he asked his partner: will you marry me?

Now, that´s a whole new step!

Another kind of salsa sizzled as hot as it gets at the recent Cattleman´s BBQ Competition, held at the grounds of the spectacular Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico in San Juan. This family event featured a wide range of BBQers (65 teams) who reveled at their briskets, ribs, pork, shrimp, sausages, chicken, hamburgers, you name it. Low and slow, a la vara, sweetened, pulled, all in all, 6,000 pounds of meat seasoned with a gamut of herbs, spices and sauces, including those brought together by the Soul Food Team from Antigua, winners of the first place in the salsa competition.

Walking (and mega munching) through the food tents, I ran into friend and ex-co-worker Viviana Morales, from the Los 3 Mesquiteros team, cooking it off with her hubby and buddies who do the Cattleman´s, as she says, for fun. Well, she sure did look happy! At the day’s end, Los Tres Mesquiteros won the fourth place, so that was an added boost to Viviana’s up.

My favorite at the 2012 Cattleman´s BBQ CompetitionLa Pepa, not exactly salsa but just as juicy!

On the “to-do list” for this webcitygirls//: nice shoes for dancing, nice gowns for dancing, nice guys for dancing….and munching!