Times are changes

By Maria Caso:  Yes, times are definitely changing.

It’s been a long and tedious summer. We hope Fall will bring some new beginnings for the Caso family.

My beloved neighbor of 23 years, Grayce, surrogate mom to my daughter Havana, a person I have relied on and turned to, moved away last week from the apartment next door where she has lived for over 34 years.

Wow.  I said, what now? As a single mom raising a kid in the big city, this is a destabilizing situation. I begin again the struggle to find a person to trust, someone willing to be available, loving and accepting of my 14 year old tween, someone to be part of our lives for the next two to three years. Just when you think one problem is solved, life puts it all in perspective. Surprise! A curve ball.

Of course I am a bit scared. I had gotten used to and had taken for granted how easy it had become to travel and have Havana taken care of without worrying or depending on friends with busy lives.

Yes I am sad, and my kid is beyond herself in grief. But now begins the rebuilding and changing the way I do things.

Single mothers have two jobs; keep it all afloat and have it all work out. Hard job to do perfectly, so what’s a singe mom in the city to do? I ask myself, what do I need to have in place to be okay with the current situation? How can I take care of myself, my daughter and still stay independent enough to continue my life and executive coaching career?

It is not what life offers us that matters but how fast and effectively we deal with it that will make the big difference. And yes, I am scared but committed to the outcome that will produce the desired results. The one thing that never changes is change itself and that my dear friends you can count on!

Maria Caso / Life coach/ Single Mom in Manhattan