LA to NYC Road Trip for Breast Cancer!

By Lynn Ponder: You know that I am big on giving back and donating my time, expertise and passion to spread goodness = I am going to be part of Team HerHighway female automotive experts on a mission to empower women with bumper-to-bumper automobile knowledge and everything along the way.

Christina Selter, HerHighway Editor in Chief and National, Female Automotive Expert will be leading more than 100 women participating: journalists, social media, motorsports, executives from automotive, lifestyle, health, beauty, fitness and fashion. Half of the women will be on road trip (that includes ME) and the other half are running social media from home, together WE will be unstoppable for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I am mega pumped up as I just attended the energizing, inspiring fun Hispana Leadership Summit in Miami where they had a Susan G. Komen Panel among others with Florida Chapter President, Grace C. Lopez who touched everybody’s heart as she and a 35 year old cancer breast survivor told their stories. It is important to be proactive and conscious of our bodies and health. Latinas do not make regular check-ups a priority, we are always thinking about everybody else first.

HerHighway kicks-off in Los Angeles on September 25 where 10 Teams will get into 10 different vehicles and meet in Las Vegas, Nevada at Exotics Racing School for our Pit Stop #1 in Las Vegas Motor Speedway to get some FAST track time with very handsome race-car drivers…que divertido va estar esto Mi Gente LOL!

Our road trip will take us to California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and hitting the finish line in New York City..around 3,000 miles WEPA! Please don’t be shy and if you see 10 cars rolling into your city come and meet us. We are fun and want to share our knowledge to create breast cancer awareness for all women. Cars will have custom covers for cause and custom patterned UV Heat Shields with The Covercraft “Covers for Causes” pink logo cannot not miss us!

I am on Team 10 with fabulous successful women: @ginamom Fashionista, Social Media, @MadelynMiller the Travel Lady writer, @woodieLesesne Entrepreneur, Producer @AnneProffit a Journalist and Motorsports.

My role during #HerHighway road trip will be sharing on all my social channels information about breast cancer, highlights with pics of our amazing journey, all my learnings and experiences sharing with remarkable women coming along to make a positive impact in our world. Special shout out to an extraordinary person I met through the Power of Connectivity on Twitter and who is leading social media efforts for HerHighway the one and only Ann Tran thank you so much amiga!

Important Information About Your Breast Health:
1-Know your risk
2-Get screened
3-Know what is normal for you
4-Make healthy lifestyle choices

1 out of 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Spread the voice and tell all the women in your life to go get tested as one test can save your life!!! Inspire Hope and Ignite Passion to Imagine Life without Breast Cancer Amen!

See you on the road and for all the latest adventures please follow us using hashtag #HerHighway, @HerHighway, Twitter and Facebook! Los quiero xo!

Note: HerHighway is the Hostess of the event, products participating are NOT paying me for tweets, blogs or opinions. HerHighway is not paying me to participate we are all volunteers however travel expenses are covered by HerHighway.