Social Media, Sports and SOFLA Ford!

By Lynn Ponder: What an amazing time we had at the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets game and although our Dolphins lost at the last minute during overtime, the fun energy was present all the time. South Florida Ford invited us to experience the Ford SideLine Club Lounge and let me tell you that it is so incredible you can almost touch the players, that is how close we were LOL!

As a Ford Brand Ambassador we have participated in great social media events where we have had many opportunities to engage with consumers but we had never been at a professional sports game where we could further extend the Ford message. It was our first time at an NFL Game and a memorable one indeed!

Ford Sideline has two areas; an indoor party atmosphere area with screens of the game everywhere, private VIP sections and a DJ blasting some fun dance music. Once you make a stop at the bar and have some delicious appetizers on the house, you move outside into the field, what is called the Ford SideLine. This area was my favorite part because you are literally on the field and the excitement is truly remarkable.

We attended the game in our PinkGlam style and made many new friends who wanted to take pictures with us and find out more about the why we were in Pink promoting the Ford brand. Actually we even got the attention on-camera and were on live TV for a couple of seconds WEPA! A fabulous experience we will cherish and will be looking forward to working on other fun initiatives with South Florida Ford in the social space.

Here are some fun pics of our social sports experience: