What’s a girl to do?

By Maria Caso: It’s the eternal teenage girl saga: the first day of high school, and the urgent, panicked need for a new outfit precisely three hours before the stores close.

Chapter One: H&M. Cool, hip, with music blaring at a million decibels. The search for the perfect look leads from shelf to shelf, from bin to counter to another counter. Nothing. The clock is ticking.

Chapter Two: Forever 21. A massive crowd, the music this time 2 million decibels. After a day of scavengers, the store resembles a garage sale hit by a nuclear bomb. She looks here, she looks there, but all to no avail. The bombsite holds nothing worthy of my princess.

Chapter Three. There is only one logical next step: shoes. Another journey through crowds and noise and rude staff, but here we come up empty handed. Or empty footed. I have a miserable tween on my hands, and I’m not feeling too terribly great myself.

We head home defeated, and she is in tears. How do you get creative when the world isn’t cooperating with the urgent needs of a teenage girl and her first day of high school? I checked the Motherhood Manual and discovered they had forgotten to write one.

So I got proactive, and began ravaging the closets. I find a skirt way in the back she hasn’t worn in a year. I pull it out and a miracle happens. She stops crying. She puts it on and it looks fabulous. High school here we come.
Except the next morning, just as we are leaving for school, she looks in the mirror and says: “ Oh no, this is too dressy. I have to change. Mom one second pleases.” I wait five minutes and out she comes with shorts, a cute top and tennis shoes. Same old same old and she is still excited and happy!
The moral?

What we have is just fine, patience and understanding and keeping your cool always win out. First day of high school. Check!

Maria Caso / Life coach / Single Mom in Manhattan