A #BoostLicious Vegas Experience!

By Lynn Ponder: I have been an iPhone type of girl since they first came out, religiously upgrading to the newest version year after year but something interesting happened that might make me change ways.

I was invited to be brand ambassador for Boost Mobile, the invitation not only included a trip to Las Vegas to Blogalicious 2012 Conference, but I was to get a Samsung Galaxy SII 4G to use, review and keep for my personal use! Honestly, I had no idea of what to expect, but once I opened the box to find a slick elegant smartphone with a gorgeous 4.5 size screen my reaction was YES, I can’t wait to play with it and understand Google’s integration.

Once I arrived at The Red Rock Spa and Resort, where the conference would take place and I began to do my social thing, was when I started falling in-love with the new technology. A pre-paid phone with everything I needed and more, no contract requested… AyBendito I Like!

Fun moment with wonderful bloggers attending Blogalicious 2012 and of course me in @ponderful style with a chic stripe dress from My Best Friends Closet in Coral Gables:

Alejandra Suarez, Gabriela Natale, Nicole Presley, Oriana Romero y nuevas amigas que conoci en Blogalicious!

One of my favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G is a sharing button that comes up when I take a picture, which makes my social experience so efficient because it gives me every social network option to post on with one easy click. You have no idea how this will improve my social content sharing. When I am covering events in real-time the faster I post, the faster I get to the next great quote or important moment about what is being said. My job is to share learnings with all the people who would like to be at networking events but can not attend for different reasons. I am a voice that people can trust and learn through my social coverage, which is why I am so excited to have this mega smartphone which helps me be more efficient.

Sprint has so many advantages that I am learning about, for example, through Boost Mobile you have complete freedom and do not need a contract, starting at $55 a month you can have access to Sprint’s 4G nationwide network and have unlimited usage, SI Mi Gente!

In addition to a reliable 4G network, unlimited usage and contracts, Boost Mobile rewards you for your loyalty with Shrinking Payments, which allows you to reduce your monthly payment by as much as $15. For every (6) on-time payments, Boost Mobile will reduce your bill by $5 a month. Where else can you get that sweet deal? Yo creo con ningun otro…

For an additional $10 a month, international Connect Plus allows you to call landlines in all of Mexico, Canada + 30 more countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and Panama and text all you want worldwide WEPA!

My involvement with Sprint and Boost Mobile was one that I am very proud of and look forward to continue learning and collaborating. I did this short video in Spanish and talked about some cool information about the smartphone:

Thank you Boost Mobile, Latina Bloggers Connect and Inspire Agency …lets do this again soon…Ciao!