Reykonistas A Tweetear Live en #TweelebrityParty con Reykon!

By Lynn Ponder: Mi Gente I want to introduce you too Reykon a soloist and composer who is quickly becoming “El Rey del Género Urbano”. Reykon is a product of the digital era who has raised to super star stardom by his Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Fans who call themselves Reykonistas!

With an impressive 34,546,244 video views, 36,119 subscribers on YouTube, 1,328,848 LIKES on Facebook and with a handful of single releases Reykon has landed one of the hottest collaborations this year with Daddy Yankee. DY first featuring with an urban artist from Colombia with song “Señorita“.

Reykon was born in Medellin, Colombia with the name Andres Felipe Robledo Londoño. He is called “El Lider” for his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. Reykon is well positioned today in Colombia as one of the most solid performers in the music industry in Colombia; making all his songs number one in the country, songs like “Señorita”, “Se Aloca”, “Te Gateo” y “La Santa” have been his greatest career success. These songs have been positioned number one in the National Report and “La Santa” number one in the Latin music channel HTV, transmitted across Latin America.

Appearing for the first time in the United States, in a New York Nightclub Party, Reykon also had a performance in Miami at La Covacha creating euphoria among his US fans WEPA! He is represented by The Firm Entertainment Group.

We are so excited to have Reykon as our next artist in our #TweelebrityParty to connect live with his #Reykonistas Fans!

Details of how to participate in our #TweelebrityParty:

Date: Monday, November 5, 2012

Time: 9pm – 10pm EDT | 6pm – 7pm PDT

Artist: @Reykon_

Hosts: @webcitygirls @teresagarza @ponderlinda


Hashtag: #TweelebrityParty

Topic: We will be tweeting live with Reykon and all of his 844,110 Twitter Reykonistas Fans. Please send us one question per person about things you would like to know about Reykon and his new collaboration with Daddy Yankee. You can leave a comment on the site with your question but please include your Twitter name or tweet your question to any of the hosts using #TweelebrityParty hashtag by Friday, November 2, 2012 in the afternoon.

Questions: Reykon will pick around 7 questions to be answered throughout the #TweelebrityParty and he will acknowledge the person who sent the question okis!

Hope you are as excited as we are and can join us to tweet live on Monday night..GRACIAS ☺