Alejandro Sanz LIVE!

By Lynn Ponder: There is something special about being close together with a select group of people at a concert listening to a Super Star. We were invited by a pioneering company that takes entertainment online to a another level to be a part of an awesome idea that joined the online and offline world through the magic of a live stream concert created by Terra Live Music presenting Alejandro Sanz LIVE!

To write this post I decided to view the live stream recording to compare both experiences and to my surprise they were very similar meaning that the quality of the live stream coverage was truly amazing. Camera shots from so many different cool angles and close ups made the viewing exciting and very entertaining. Execution of camera work was flawless and live streaming was of excellent quality.

It was an exclusive live concert transmitted online and on mobile devices to 19 countries worldwide including the US, Latin America and Spain. A very interesting proposition for brands to jump on board and sponsor the concert in exchange for remarkable exposure.

Sponsors Pepsi, T-Mobile, American Family Insurance and Kia were present in colorful animated huge electronic displays throughout the stage and during the live stream sponsors logo appeared on the screen throughout the entire concert in a rotation sequence. That sounds like a marketers dream for brand awareness and in my estimation creating millions of impressions online with the added value that the live stream is recorded and will be viewed over and over. Oh and did I mention the online audience engagement through comments connected to the live stream via Facebook. Another fabulous opportunity for brands to keep it mega SOCIAL as fans used the assigned hashtags #TerraLiveMusic and #SanzLive where they could track the conversation online.

Alejandro was charming, sweet and poured a lot of passion into his performance. He engaged with the audience present with inspiring words like: Enjoy Life, Enjoy Each other and make 2013 the year! He wished all a Merry Christmas and with beautiful goodbye words “se despide con un Hasta Siempre”. One thing that I would recommend as a social media junkie that I am, is that artists should take advantage of these live streaming concerts and acknowledge their online audience more. The artist can do more of a personalized shout out to Twitter and Facebook Fan Clubs, and perhaps mention that they do read fan Tweets/Comments, etc. Online fans are there day and night, so a live streaming event of this nature where potentially millions of fans are interacting is a perfect opportunity to engage with them further. Just saying!

I want to share some tweets from a fan conversation webcitygirls had during the concert that deserves a place in this blog post and how fabulous it would be if Alejandro would read them too:

Kudos Terra for a remarkable experience online and offline. Congratulations to all the people that made this possible and thank you lots for this invite! Hasta la proxima Mi Gente de #TerraMusicLive