Let’s Get Latinos to College!

By Sarah Peralta: webcitygirls// and our teen division webcityTeens would like all of our Mom and Dad friends that have seniors in high school to learn about Colgate-Palmolive’s Scholarship Program Haz la U.

Haz la U (“Make the U”) is an annual scholarship initiative for Latino students pursuing higher education. They give out over eleven scholarships, with the largest amount being $15,000! By giving out scholarships and grants, Colgate-Palmolive wants to raise awareness of the many scholarship programs and opportunities available to Latinos.

Every year since 2010, Colgate partners up with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund—the nation’s leading Hispanic scholarship organization — to award educational grants. This year, one grand prize winner will receive a one-time $15,000 grant and 14 second place winners will be honored with a one-time $2,500 educational grant.

Although there has been a recent spike in college enrollment among Hispanic young adults—the population still only comprises 16.5 percent of total U.S. student enrollment, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. The rising cost of college tuition is a significant factor in this limitation. According to the U.S Department of Education, Hispanics are 59% more likely than other groups to eliminate a college from their consideration because of costs.

In the U.S., a worker with a college degree earns an average of $20,000 more per year than someone with only a high-school diploma (U.S. Census Bureau). So let’s tell all of our senior friends to start applying to scholarships and getting one step closer to stepping onto a college campus!

To be eligible to apply to the Haz la U scholarship program students must:
• Currently be in his or her senior year of high school
• Demonstrate strong academic performance as well as a commitment to community
• Must be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident of the United States 16 years or older
• One of the entrant’s biological parents must consider themselves Hispanic
• Must be a first year student at a two-year college or a freshman at a four-year institution in the coming academic year

Apply today- the deadline for this scholarship is December 31, 2012! To apply online or learn more information about Haz la U visit www.colgate.com/hazlau.

This is an amazing opportunity for our children, Kudos to Colgate-Palomolive for this great initiative. Keep an eye out for Twitter posts about Haz la U via @webcitygirls, @webcityteens @ponderlinda and @ponderful. Y a estudiar se ha dicho para mejorar nuestra calidad de vida y crear un mundo mejor para todos!