My New Awesome Gadget = NOOK!

By Lynn Ponder: Thrilled about a Nook Tablet I just got in the mail to review. My first thought was that I could not wait to see how my nephew would work his way into using it as soon as he landed at my place for the Holiday’s.

Nook glows in the dark, how cool is that? Video gamers must be having a fun time playing on this tablet, but I am more into creating a reading and music hub to use during my trips, at home or whenever I can squeeze some me time, the Nook will be around ☺

The Daily Shelf holds books, magazines, newspapers and apps which I can’t wait to fill up with fashion magazines in Spanish and English por supuesto, some People en Español and Vanidades, Cosmopolitan, Venue Magazine all from my hometown Miami. For books I think I should start reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” before they make the movie LOL! I would even have some Pablo Neruda poems a mix of knowledge and touching reads for the brain to relax. I live at a fast pace and feel that I always have to push myself more, so I think the Nook will give me great me moments!

If you have kids it has an impressive library of kid’s books. Stories come to life with Fun Read and Play books with games and animations. Read to Me stories includes some enchanting narrations. You can even record your own voice.

The text is great as it gives the sensation of wanting to jump off the page. For music you can copy your own files over and they will show up in the music player. In addition, you probably have a Pandora account and your special playlists that you might want to download. I LOVE my music playlists ☺

Still time to purchase one for the Holiday’s, it sure makes an awesome techy gift for your kid, nephew/niece or special friend! Plus another fabulous perk of getting a Nook is that you can transform it into an Android Tablet with the NR Cards WEPA! The NR Card, short for Nook Rooted Card, is a dual bootable microSD memory card that allows users to run both the native Nook OS and Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS on the Nook Color and Nook Tablet eReaders. You can get a Nook Tablet at Barnes & Noble …enjoy!

I feel that this Nook Tablet which I was allowed to keep WooHoo, will be my favorite reading and music hub gadget, that is if my Nephew convinces me otherwise LOL!