Need a Date: Real Time Video Dating APP = Flikdate!

Flikdate is the world’s first real-time video dating app launching this week. Flikdate is dating for the next-generation: no profiles, no waiting and no speed limits. Flikdate provides users with a fast, fun, sexy and safe way to date straight from their mobile phone.

Designed for today’s high-speed lifestyle, signing up for Flikdate takes less than a minute. Users immediately enjoy the only true test of chemistry in the known universe: face-to-face interaction with a date. The app showcases real people in real time – no fake profiles or made up facts. You get 90 seconds to be yourself and show off your natural charisma. Flikdate was created by “Digital Cupid” and actress Dominika Wolski, who drew inspiration from the dating scene in Hollywood.

“You can learn more about a person in 30 seconds of talking to them than you would in endless hours reading through exaggerated online dating profiles,” said Dominika Wolski. “We made Flikdate all about those first 30 seconds – so you can sense the ‘chemistry’ of a real conversation.”

Flikdate is a digital proxy of real-life, helping people harness opportunity and serendipity in the pursuit of love.

The application was also designed with personal safety in mind – the person you are fliking with will never see your name, phone number or location.

Flikdate removes all barriers to dating”, says Flikdate CEO Nick Bicanic, “People can flirt to their heart’s desire wherever and whenever they want, but there are rules. We take safety very seriously, and anyone behaving inappropriately can be banned from the service indefinitely with a single tap of the Perv Alert button.”

The app is free to download and use. Certain features require payment using an in-app currency (called “fliks”) but Flikdate gives users 25 free fliks per day during the launch period. More fliks can be bought at any time.

Flikdate will hold its initial launch later this month in Los Angeles, with an intimate event where guests will have a hands-on opportunity to demo the app with the company’s founder, Dominika Wolski.

The Flikdate app is now available on iPhone and Android, and can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store and Google Play, respectively. For more information on the functionality or to see a short demo video please visit

Much success Dominika Wolski, Founder and CEO Nick Bicanic :)