Single and Romantic on Valentine’s Day!

By Lynn Ponder: Time really flies, it feels like the other day that I wrote a fun post about being single during Valentine’s Day that was published last year by Fox News Latino. This year I am still single but I just received a perfume called Romance from Ralph Lauren. Is that a sign? Do I need more romance in my life? Do I work all the time? I think all these answers are YES… Ay Bendito nenaaa!

As I tried the Romance perfume, the smell was like romance all over my skin which made me feel very feminine, and I wanted to get all pretty up and go out ☺! I also like bottle shapes specially of perfumes and the simplicity of Romance bottle is a very cool design.

I am doing a little test and will be using Romance this week at all the events I am attending from Miami to New York City, yes this is a super busy week. The perfume just might create some magical romance, because it really smells good on me, at least that is what my sister said LOL! Thoughts are popping up in my head saying that I could be getting lots of nice compliments about how sweet I smell! Sweet is good and nice is even better. The world needs sweet and kind people to make it happier/better.

So what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? I think you should try Romance and let the magic begin. I will be trying to repeat last years “Valentine’s Sunset Park Picnic” overlooking Miami Beach with a group of fabulous friends. We truly had a great time so I just need to make sure I have extra time in my schedule to plan and invite all the single friends who are not in steady relationships. I will keep you posted on this one as well as how it goes for me this week using Romance perfume!!!

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