Fiesta Movement Looking For 100 Agents!

By Lynn Ponder: February has been a socially active month attending great networking events, one being at The Mondrian Hotel with The Ford Motor Company and LATISM during Social Media Week in Miami (where I moderated an educational panel). Mondrian is so chic with views overlooking the bay perfect for events and this mixer was so much fun, we even danced ☺

While at this event dearest friend Larry Pedrosa showed me how to use this new APP called VINE and I immediately got hooked as it allows you to create a six second video and upload directly to Twitter. Here is one from this event!

I had the opportunity to have breakfast the next day with Liz Elser, Fiesta/Fiesta ST Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company and special guest at the event to unveil second season of Fiesta Movement. I asked Liz about the Fiesta Movement initiative:

Liz: We are so excited about this program because we had such a great foundation with the original Fiesta Movement and really made waves within the social media space. It started in 2009/2010 when we were trying to create a name for Ford Fiesta in the US because it never existed here before. So it was kind of the ultimate exchange program. We gave them out to 100 agents and let them launch the vehicle through their eyes. They were people with a social media following that would get the word out there. It was a total success as there was awareness before we even revealed our first national ad.

Second wave we are Going Further with next Fiesta Movement A Social Remix. The way that this is different, is that where before it was the pre-campaign and we were trying to build awareness for the vehicle this is our entire campaign. We are turning over the Fiesta and our campaign basically to these 100 agents. Agents are going to be the producers of this campaign, so what they do in their experiences, we can then disseminate through all sorts of media channels. Agents will be seen in Print, Digital, TV, Social and they are really going to amplify the message and they will be our campaign.

Lynn: WOW! Please know that webcitygirls is registered in and would love to be a part of this campaign. And we are working towards being selected, as we received an email from Match Action to schedule a half hour interview to be considered for the program WEPA!

Liz: You are exactly the type of people we are looking for, people with the social media following that are vibrant, engaging and can tell a great story about Fiesta.

Lynn: As a matter of fact our very own Miami home grown award winning blogger Maria de los Angeles participated in first wave and mentioned during the mixer “that Fiesta Movement was an amazing experience that changed her life for the best”.

Lynn: How does this happen, when do you select and how long is the program?

Liz: Check out this call to action video for Fiesta Movement:

Liz: Register at and it’s a 2 month time frame to select the agents. Then we will come in and give you training on the car and get all sorts of cameras and things to help you complete the missions. That is the other part of the Fiesta Movement we are going to have BIG missions that agents are going to complete with great partners like: American Idol and X Games , its really exciting.

Lynn: Love it!!!

A little bit more about Liz Elser, she is the Fiesta and Fiesta ST Marketing Manager for Ford Motor Company. Liz oversees the development and implementation of marketing initiatives for the Fiesta and Fiesta ST brands in the U.S, and brings the voice of the Fiesta and ST customer into all aspects of the business. Since assuming the Fiesta Marketing Manager role, she has helped deliver significant sales increases for Fiesta, resulting in record sales in December 2012 and January 2013.

Liz Elser Shout-Out to Car Freaks, Tech Geeks, Music Makers, Picture Takers and Social Media Maestros get ready for

We will let you know via Twitter if they pick us :)