Love Me Some Beauty Time!

By Linda Ponder: We were invited to get a sneak peak of the Clarins 2013 Collection, WOW talking about being pampered, our evening started by being picked up in a limousine to share a fun evening with some of the top fashionistas bloggers of Miami and while being taut about Clarins Double Serum, we got a complimentary facial which not only felt refreshing but left us with a beautiful radiant and smoother look.

A quick glance at our arrival:

We had a VIP meet with world renowned Bernadette Bran who very knowledgeably told us and I quote, “We present our new innovative Double Serum by Clarins after 27 years of research, it is the only anti-aging treatment that activates the 5 vital functions: Hydration,
Nutrition, Oxygenation, Protection, Regeneration
, on which skin’s youth and beauty depend on with it’s 20 pure plant extracts and potent high-tech molecules.

Clarins Skincare How-To:

It is so powerful that 90% of women have found Double Serum more effective than their current serum. After 4 weeks you will see amazing results, 89% of women have seen that their skin is firmer while 79% have noticed less wrinkles, 88% said their skin is more even skin tone and less visible pores. It’s two serums in one to deliver complete anti-aging results. A small amount is all you need, warm it up with the palm of your hands and gently press, firm but gently on your skin from the center of your face all the way outwards making sure not to pull, tog or rub the skin.”

Our Beauty Treatment in Progress:

I want to share something that happened to me when I got home that evening, my boyfriend who is an intellect and doesn’t usually notice outer things looked at me and said, “What did you do? You have a glow about you tonight…!!! Clarins Double Serum you are a keeper!

Thank you Clarins for a great night of beauty pampering plus your generosity of the amazing goodie gift bag and special GRACIAS for this invite to the wonderful ladies at The Dream Team Agency :)